“Terminator Genisys” Star J.K. Simmons weighs in on the status of TERMINATOR 6 & 7!


Terminator Genisys star J.K. Simmons was interviewed by Screen Rant recently and was asked if we can expect a sequel to the latest Terminator entry.  Simmons said:

“Nothing yet, we are hopeful that we’re going to make a couple more, but the trigger has not been officially pulled.”

Simmons also told Zap2it about revisiting his character:

“O’Brien was a very fun guy to start to investigate and yeah, really looking forward to hopefully having the opportunity for more O’Brien.”

Terminator 6 and Terminator 7 is scheduled for release on May 19, 2017 and June 29, 2018 respectively. While on Paramount’s release calendar, there has been no official confirmation yet that these movies will actually be made.


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