TERMINATOR THOUGHTS : Arnold Schwarzenegger is the ambassador of the Terminator Franchise!


Two days ago, superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger boarded an international flight at California’s LAX (Los Angeles Airport) wearing a “Terminator: Genisys” T-shirt underneath a blue blazer. He wasn’t going anywhere special, only heading out for a brief vacation before hosting “The Arnold Classic” bodybuilding expo in Spain. So what’s the big deal? Why did we feel compelled to write an editorial about it? More on that in a moment.


Back in the Spring of 2014 during Arnold Schwarzenegger’s promotion of his latest film “Sabotage”, Arnold was asked about how he felt returning to the Terminator franchise (as well as possibly the Conan franchise) so many years later. This is what he had to say:

You can tell Arnold Schwarzenegger recognizes he’s not a young man anymore and you can’t help but feel his enthusiasm towards returning to the iconic role that made him a worldwide superstar. And when Arnold said it’s an “honor”, there was a genuine sweetness to it… so authentic that you can tell it’s no longer about the money or being the biggest box office star anymore. It’s just an honor after three decades later to still be courted to play the Terminator again.

So back to two days ago: Here is Arnold Schwarzenegger at the LAX flying out for a few days rest and relaxation and he’s spotted wearing a “Terminator: Genisys” T-shirt, partially hidden by a blue blazer. He’s not wearing it for the press. He’s not wearing it for the public. He’s wearing it for himself.


Understanding it’s too late to promote the theatrical release of “Terminator Genisys” and too early to promote its home video debut, how many celebrities do you see on their leisure time actually wearing clothing that celebrates the films or characters they’ve played? Normally a star would only wear such things for studio paid promotional events, so it’s hard to find many examples of this. Let’s face it: Fans usually wear shirts like these, not the actors.


So what does this all mean to Skynet’s Army?  Well, we see this as a clear indication that Arnold Schwarzenegger has a undeniable passion for the Terminator franchise, and clearly loves and respects all it represents.  After witnessing celebrities like Harrison Ford dismiss loyal “Star Wars” fans for years, Terminator fans couldn’t ask for anything more from their leading star.  Writer & director James Cameron may be father of the Terminator universe, but to us Terminator fans… Arnold Schwarzenegger is the ambassador.

Long live Arnold!



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