An extended look into what was cut from Sarah’s flashback scene in “TERMINATOR GENISYS”!


“How does a 9 year old get her own Terminator?” – Kyle Reese

When Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese travel forward in time to October 2017 to stop Skynet from being born in “Terminator Genisys”, they arrive on an highway overpass only to be detained by the Police and placed in a transport vehicle.  During their transit, Sarah reluctantly puts her guard down with Kyle and reveals how she and “Pops” first met. She explains that back in 1973, a T-1000 slaughtered her parents at their family cabin at Big Bear Lake, right before the Guardian Terminator appeared and rescued her.

Now in the film, during Sarah’s confession, there was a brief flashback of the Guardian Terminator rescuing young Sarah by pulling her out of the lake and carrying her off to safety. However, did you know that originally there were plans to film and show the entire sequence of events that Sarah described… including the T-1000 attack on her family? And now, we can show it to you!

The following storyboards reveal what exactly happened to Sarah at Big Bear Lake:



The Connor Cabin at Big Bear.


Sarah’s mother applies sunscreen to her skin.


Sarah gets inside the fishing boat with her father and waves goodbye to her mom.


Sarah and her father pull out their fishing poles and drop their lines as Sarah’s mom sets the picnic table in the distance.


Suddenly the cabin explodes, engulfing Sarah’s mother in flames.


Something moves very fast under the water towards the boat. It starts knocking on the bottom of their boat, then starts seeping through the floor boards.


A liquid metal blob starts rising in the middle of the boat.  Sarah’s father pushes her away from it.


Sarah’s father charges the liquid metal T-1000 as Sarah climbs out of the boat and jumps into the water, swimming as fast as she can.  The T-1000 overpowers Sarah’s father and kills him.


Sarah is seen rapidly swimming away, as the T-1000 glares at her..


The T-1000 morphs it’s appearance until it looks like her father, then calls out to Sarah. “Sarah! It’s okay now! Come back!”


The T-1000 jumps in the water after Sarah, just as a rocket is launched at him…


…and explodes the T-1000 sending his shattered form deep towards the bottom of the lake.


Hiding in the lake under a small pier, Sarah suddenly hears footsteps above her.


The Guardian, armed with a recently fired rocket launcher, reaches a hand towards Sarah and pulls her out of the water, then carries her off to safety.


The reason why this flashback scene was trimmed down has yet to be officially revealed, but we at Skynet’s Army sure wish we could have seen this full scene realized!

We’ll be back!



3 thoughts on “An extended look into what was cut from Sarah’s flashback scene in “TERMINATOR GENISYS”!”

  1. I took would like to have seen this scene but it has to be realised that unless a T-1000 creates air pockets inside itself, it would sink to the bottom of the lake.
    Also, I believe an explanation from Pops would be necessary before young Sarah even considered being helped out of the water. After all, Pops blew up her dad.


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