Unboxing & Comic Review of the TERMINATOR GENISYS Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital HD + Comic Book Exclusive set!


Among the many unique retailer exclusives trumpeted for the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD release of “Terminator Genisys”, (Bonus Disc, Steelbook, Collectible Endoskull, etc.), there was another version made available that included an exclusive 22 page Comic Book related to the new film.  Comparably to the other exclusives, it oddly received a quiet launch. Today, we’ll unbox that exclusive and let you know what you may have missed!


Notice the red sticker on the slip cover case? We found it easily peels off without damaging the cover art.


After sliding the cover off, we noticed the slip casing was considerably thicker and oversized. That’s because something was shrink wrapped to the back of the Blu-ray case.  Let’s turn it over!


There’s the exclusive “Terminator Genisys” Comic Book sealed against the back of the Blu-ray case.  The dimensions are smaller than your standard sized comic.  We found it very frustrating that in order for the oversized slip case to fit the blu-ray case adequately and not continually slide off on it’s own, we will always have to keep the comic INSIDE with the Blu-ray! It’s truly a poorly thought out, frustrating design.  Let’s hope the comic itself will make up for the package’s shortcomings.  On to the comic!


For anyone hoping this would be a prequel, or linked to the “Terminator Genisys” storyline, we’re sad to report it’s not.  Unfortunately, there’s hardly any story at all.  It takes place during the post Judgment Day war.  John Connor’s soldiers are broken into two teams, trying to achieve or obtain some goal that is never explained to the reader, when the Machines zero in on their location and attack.  Everyone is killed except for John and Kyle.  Yep, we said everyone. (That’s some leadership skills there John!)  You finish reading the comic simply wondering what was the point?


Putting the lackluster story aside, the art and coloring is this comic’s only redeemable feature.  There are some terrific visuals on display here. Our only complaint is John Connor’s face was inconsistent. Sometimes he was drawn similarly to actor Jason Clarke and sometimes he was drawn completely different, making it troublesome for the reader to pick out the prophetic leader from a crowd of people in certain panels.


So can we recommend this? Well, if you want to own everything Terminator related, then be sure to pick this up.  But if you’re looking for an entertaining read that expands on the new timeline & universe that “Terminator Genisys” created, then we recommend you definitely skip this exclusive.  There is nothing worthwhile here.


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