Will James Cameron return to the TERMINATOR FRANCHISE? We’ll just have to wait and see.


It’s been 48 hours since we officially asked Skydance and James Cameron to confirm or debunk this rumor that the legendary director is considering returning to the fantastic universe of “The Terminator ” that he created so long ago. Fans have been dreaming of the day when the father of the franchise would come back to his roots and write (as well as direct) the next installment of this beloved franchise we hold near and dear to our hearts.

Now, as two days have passed and the fans are no more the wiser, it would appear that obtaining an official response from either party will not be coming anytime soon.

Cruel false rumor or wonderful news?  It looks like Terminator fans will just have to wait before we can discover the truth of all this.  We must simply file this rumor away in our minds for a while and see what Terminator news this year brings us.

So for now… our gaze turns towards the future… as we hope for an exciting 2016.



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