THE TERMINATOR 1984 Original Soundtrack is Back on a Double LP!


It’s time to get your old record player out!  On April 8th 2015, Milan Records will release the remastered legendary Brad Fiedel original soundtrack to the 1984 sci-fi hit “The Terminator”, via a double LP on red & blue splattered vinyl! 

The soundtrack was remastered from the original source tapes and sequenced for the first time in the order composer Brad Fiedel originally intended.


We hope a CD compact disc will follow!

Here is the Track List:

01 Main Title
02 Terminator Arrival / Reese Chased / Sarah on Motorbike
03 Terminator Gets Guns / Search for Sarah
04 Reese Dreams of Future War
05 Sarah Watches News / Enters Tech Noir
06 Matt & Ginger Killed / Sarah Calls Detectives
07 Reese & Sarah in Garage
08 Arm & Eye Surgery
09 “I’ll Be Back” / Police Station & Escape
10 Future Flashback
11 “Fuck You Asshole”
12 Love Scene
13 Tunnel Chase
14 Death By Fire / Terminator Gets Up
15 Factory Chase
16 End Credits: Final Suite
17 The Terminator Theme (Extended Version)



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