What fans can expect from Skydance in TERMINATOR 6!


Ever since Skydance Media Chief Creative Officer Dana Goldberg announced in regards to the future of the Terminator franchise “Do we intend to have a next step of Terminator? Yes, we do“, fans have been anxiously waiting to hear what can we expect from a sixth film.  Will the next film be a direct sequel to Terminator Genisys?  If not, will it (at the least) carry over the threads of the alternate timeline that the writers of Genisys so cleverly established?  While no one except for Skydance knows for sure, we decided to gather some plot tidbits of what was originally planned… and may still get in some shape or form in TERMINATOR 6.

Editor’s Note : This information has been collected from various interviews posted on the internet, as well as statements in the book “Terminator Genisys : Resetting the future”, mostly made by writers Laeta Kalogridis and/or Patrick Lussier.

Here are further plot points or themes the writers & filmakers hoped to explore in the next Terminator film(s):

  • The identity of who or what sent Pops back to 1973 to protect young Sarah Connor.
  • The identity of who or what sent the T-1000 back to 1973 who failed to kill Sarah Connor as a child (and was later destroyed by an acid bath in 1984 when it reacquired her.)
  • The reasons why the T-3000 John Connor cannot crack the secret of time travel.
  • The identity of who shared the secret of time travel with the Guardian Terminator “Pops” before sending him back to 1973.
  • The full nature of “Pops” new abilities.
  • How Danny Dyson’s role will expand and his true importance will be revealed.
  • How young Kyle Reese will impact the future.
  • The full origin of the embodiment of Skynet.
  • The concept of souls being drawn to each other and finding each other no matter what.
  • How all three main characters Sarah, Kyle and John will forever be linked in time (regardless what alternate timeline strings they reside in.)
  • A plot-twist involving a betrayal will occur.
  • There will be another “Arnold” villain T800 Model 101 revealed. (The notion that this villain could actually be the “Pops” Guardian Terminator with hidden ulterior programming has not been ruled out.)
  • What would change in the future if John Connor was no longer the savior of humanity?
  • Who (if anyone) would rise up to lead the Resistance?
  • In this new timeline, could humanity actually embrace Skynet?
  • The last shot of the Genisys storyline will be revealed, a scene that was actually written before “Terminator Genisys” was even filmed.

There is a lot of great surprises ahead for us Terminator fans.  Of course, it’s always possible that once Skydance reveals their plans for a new Terminator film, it will not contain ties to the “Terminator Genisys” timeline at all.  It is possible that absolutely none of these questions will ever be answered theatrically and Skydance will resort to addressing them in another “lesser” medium like an official limited comic book series or novel.  While these answers in another medium would be better than nothing, we hope this turns out not to be the case, and eagerly await these themes and storylines to be addressed in TERMINATOR 6.

We’re waiting Skydance!  Please don’t let us down!






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