TERMINATOR 6 : When Schwarzenegger talks, sometimes listen.


Our inbox has been blowing up today, with members of our army reporting that actor Arnold Schwarzenegger confirmed that TERMINATOR 6 is a go!  It’s greenlit. It will be made. And no one other than the original superstar Arnold himself will star!  But we’re here to warn you… not so fast.

It started with an interview broadcast on Australia’s Channel 9, where Schwarzenegger was reportedly asked about the possibility of Terminator 6.  Arnold had this to say about it: “I am looking forward to it, absolutely”.. without giving any further details on a plot or release date.  However it’s important to temper your excitement Terminator fans… and do NOT necessarily trust everything Arnold says as fact.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a notorious history of never saying “no” to what the fans want to hear.  Maybe it’s just plain optimism… but if you have followed Arnold’s interviews throughout the past few decades you’ll know that practically every film project Arnold has been associated with (according to him) was always in development and never off the table. “True Lies 2”, “With Wings As Eagles”, “Triplets”, a “Future World” remake… Arnold always confirmed that all these films were still going to be made in countless interviews prior to his governorship. (They were never made.) Actually, if we could trust what Arnold says, the third Conan sequel “The Legend of Conan” would have gone into production two years ago (which currently sits without a director in “developmental hell” at Universal.)

What we are saying is this: Arnold’s words doesn’t mean “Terminator 6” won’t happen. Arnold could be absolutely right and T6 will be made and he will star. Just understand that Arnold could be absolutely wrong as well.  As far as Skynet’s Army is concerned, the future is not set.



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