New sequels bring hope to fans wanting “TERMINATOR 6”!


As we wait to hear official word from Skydance Media regarding their plans to move forward with another Terminator film (or not), we have noticed a trend occurring with film sequels lately that may prove promising and actually be a sign of encouragement to fans who are still holding out hope for a “Terminator Genisys” sequel.

Let’s first refresh our memory why a Terminator sequel isn’t a sure thing: Back in July of 2015, “Terminator Genisys” had a lackluster opening weekend in the United States, only grossing $27,018,486 which was less money than both “Jurassic World” and “Inside Out”, two films that were already in theaters for more than two weeks. It finished it’s U.S. theatrical run with a paltry $89,760,956 and was a major disappointment for Skydance. After such a lackluster performance, one would reasonably assume “Terminator Genisys” would be the final nail in the coffin of the franchise (or at least until the day James Cameron ever decides to revitalize the property.) This is because as recent as five years ago, it was widely considered a franchise killer when a Hollywood blockbuster film failed domestically to open #1 or earn several hundred million in ticket sales in the United States.

But lately, due to the globalization of the theatrical business, suddenly domestic U.S. grosses are no longer as important anymore to the success of a film franchise. And China is widely expected to pass the United States as the world’s largest market for film by the year 2017! Ultimately, “foreign” crowds are now helping rescue troubled pictures and reversing the fortunes of films that underperformed in the United States. Let’s look at a couple examples:


Box Office Performance:
Domestic: $80,070,736 36.7%
+ Foreign: $138,269,859 63.3%
= Worldwide: $218,340,595
Production Budget: $60 million

– – – – –
On December 21st 2012, Skydance Pictures and producers David Ellison and Dana Goldberg (the same studio and team who brought us “Terminator Genisys”) released “Jack Reacher” in the United States, an action film starring international superstar Tom Cruise. It had a disappointing opening weekend of $15,210,156, grossing less money than “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, a film already in theaters more than a week before (sound familiar?) It finished it’s domestic run crossing the $80 Million mark, and was not the success Skydance hoped for, especially for a film with a Tom Cruise action pedigree. Fortunately the film proved more successful in the international market, and therefore this October, almost four years later, the sequel Jack Reacher 2 will hit theaters.


Box Office Performance:
Domestic: $101,802,906 24.8%
+ Foreign: $309,200,000 75.2%
= Worldwide: $411,002,906
Production Budget: $190 million

– – – – –
With a whopping budget of 190 Million ( 35 Million more than “Terminator Genisys”), on July 12th 2013 the Legendary Pictures hopeful summer blockbuster “Pacific Rim” was released in the United States and grossed a disappointing $37,285,325, opening #3 behind “Grown Ups 2” and “Despicable Me 2” (which was out in the theaters more than a week before). It finished it’s U.S. run with only $101,802,906. Fortunately the film proved more successful in the international market (sensing a pattern here?) and three years later the studio just announced they are moving forward with its sequel Pacific Rim 2 and actor John Boyega (from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens) will star.

Now let’s take a look at those “Terminator Genisys” earnings:


Box Office Performance:
Domestic: $89,760,956 20.4%
+ Foreign: $350,842,581 79.6%
= Worldwide: $440,603,537
Production Budget: $155 million

– – – – –
So even though “Terminator Genisys” only earned $89,760,956 in the United States, this film’s saving grace was the international market, where “Genisys” grossed a healthy $350,842,581. This resulted in a very respectable worldwide box-office gross of $440,603,537 (against an estimated production budget of $155 Million.) We are currently waiting on sequel news.

So due to the globalization of the theatrical business, U.S. grosses are no longer as important anymore. And if you use the sequels “Jack Reacher 2” and “Pacific Rim 2” as a model, there is a pretty good chance Terminator fans will get a sequel to “Terminator Genisys” in the next couple years. It is not a ridiculous notion.

We’ll be back.


4 thoughts on “New sequels bring hope to fans wanting “TERMINATOR 6”!”

  1. In regard of Terminator Genisys

    As a kid my first experience with Terminator, was T3: Rise of the Machines on DVD in 2004, although not a great film, I was pulled into the story and lore of the franchise. I made sure to watch T2: Judgment Day which completely blew me away and had me feeling for a machine. Then one day I was able to catch the original Terminator on television and the love story of Sarah and Kyle, along with the tension of being hunted was masterfully done. Then Terminator Salvation came out (my first Terminator experience in the Theater) and I walked out somewhat satisfied but also felt that it didn’t feel like the tone captured in T1 or T2 and it was missing Arnold as the Terminator. Years later I heard there was another film on the way and that Arnold would be back, as well as Time Travel and Sarah and Kyle! They had my full attention at that point, but I wanted to wait until I saw the film to make an opinion.
    So on June 30th 2015 I sat down in my local theater waiting to see what was in store, and when the film came to a close I had a tear in my eye, and a hope for the future. The film took me on a ride like no other that summer. Seeing Arnold again as the Terminator was fantastic, and so was seeing that everyone involved understood the characters of John, Sarah, and Kyle; which was what I most worried about, but they all pulled it off so well. The film was reminiscent of the original 2, but forged its own story and its own future. It’s one of the only films of the past few years to leave the kind of mark that it has left on me.
    Since it’s release the proposed release date for the next film was pulled off the schedule, but I’m certain there are still have plans for another film. Genisys provides a great building block for another installment to have an even bigger impact, like T2 had back in 1991. I look forward to what the future holds and would like to thank all involved for crafting this wonderful film.

    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.


    1. I loved terminator genisys too and im a terminator fanatic.
      Love the re entry to 1984, love the future war sequences but most of all i love the fact that sarah and kyle wind up together.
      Thats why i dont want any more terminator movies because im happy where it is now but thats just me.
      But yeah i love genisys and strangely i rate terminator 2 the worst in the franchise but i dont have enough space to list my many reasons.


  2. I honestly don’t know why Genisys got such underwhelming ratings. After T2 and the original, this was the only installment in the Terminator series that I truly enjoyed and was satisfied after watching. I really hope they can have Arnold in at least one more Terminator film. For those that were disuaded from watching Terminator Genisys due to its poor reviews (which was initially the case with me), give it a chance – it’s worth it!


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