Unboxing & Mini Review of NECA’s “TERMINATOR GENISYS” T-800 Guardian “Pops” action figure!

While NECA released their “Terminator Genisys”  T-800 Guardian “Pops” action figure over five months ago, we recently discovered these figures are still available to purchase through NECA.  So why not do an unboxing and mini review for fans still unaware of this terrific collectible!  Let’s take a closer look.

Secured in window box packaging and ready for display (for those collectors who prefer to keep their collectibles “mint in box”), this 7 inch figure is based on the likeness of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger as he appeared as the T-800 in the 2017 scenes of “Terminator Genisys”.  Let’s turn the packaging over.

On the back of the package we are shown the other figures in NECA’S “Genisys” figure line as well as detailed files on the T-800 series Terminator.  Time to open the top of the box and slide out the figure.

Secured in a clear plastic bubble insert, this figure comes with a M4 shotgun accessory, an interchangeable battle-damaged head, and an interchangeable battle-damaged left shoulder.  It’s time to free this figure from it’s packaging!

There we are!  With 25 points of articulation, the figure’s balance made it reasonably easy to stand.  NECA did a great job replicating the clothes and jacket the Guardian Terminator wore during the film’s finale.  Check out the battle damage to his chest!  Now let’s take a closer look at this figure’s head sculpt.

As with all people who near the age of 70, when actor Arnold Schwarzenegger grew into his golden years, his skin began to sag and a much of his infamous chiseled face lost a great deal of definition.  So capturing Arnold’s advanced age must have been a real challenge for NECA’s sculptors.

Fortunately NECA was up to that challenge!  They truly sculptured a fantastic, aged Arnold head on this seven inch figure, effectively capturing all the years the Guardian Terminator weathered through to ensure Skynet’s destruction in 2017.  They really did a wonderful job.  Now let’s focus on that shotgun!

The M4 shotgun that “Pops” is equipped with has a strap that easily allows the firearm to hang from either shoulder.  However you can choose to have him hold the shotgun if you so desire.  Just understand that if you want the Guardian to aim his shotgun, the use of both of his hands will be required.

Finally let’s take a look at the interchangeable battle-damaged head and left shoulder.

With a little bit of effort for the head (and maximum effort for the arm), both appendages can be removed and replaced with their battle-damaged counterpart. Both damaged sculpts are executed extremely well and provides collectors a terrific option for those who prefer to capture the Guardian in his weakest state, a direct result of fighting with the T-3000.

Well, that’s it!  We hope you enjoyed today’s unboxing.  Overall, we feel this is a fantastic addition to NECA’s Terminator line and we are happy to report this figure can still be obtained through NECA for an unbelievable price of $19.99 U.S. at press time.  We highly recommend it and hope that NECA will one day also decide to make a John Connor / T-3000 figure as well!

We’ll be back!


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