TERMINATOR TRIVIA Volume 5: Cool Facts you may not know about the Terminator Franchise!

Did you happen to miss some or all of our latest TERMINATOR TRIVIA postings on our Facebook Page? Well don’t fret, we’ve collected all of these tasty Terminator tidbits into a single volume that you can read here! And who knows, even the most die-hard Terminator Fans might just learn something new about the franchise we all hold near and dear to our hearts!


Did you know that in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, actor Mark Famiglietti (who played Katherine Brewster’s fiancé Scott) had to wear specially designed shoes with gigantic soles?

The problem was Mark was significantly shorter than actress Kristanna Loken. So to successfully pull off the effect of the TX’s transformation from her imitation of Scott to her standard red leather look, both actors needed to be the same height.

Did you know that most of the Cyberdyne set that contained the climactic battle between the Guardian T-800 and John Connor T-3000 in “Terminator Genisys” was not real but rather computer rendered?

The Time Displacement Device chamber design aesthetic was so elaborate, it would have been actually cost prohibitive to build the actual set that director Alan Taylor was looking for.


Did you know that before casting Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role, writer and director James Cameron originally envisioned actor Lance Henriksen to star as “The Terminator”?  This was depicted in the above concept art drawn by James Cameron himself.

The original concept was for the Terminator character to be able to blend into a crowd.  So when Cameron first pitched “The Terminator” to Helmdale Pictures, he actually brought Lance with him in person, in costume, to help seal the deal.  However the studio didn’t want Lance in the title role, so he was ultimately cast as the supporting character Detective Hal Vukovich.

Did you that actor Robert Patrick was not director James Cameron’s first choice to play the T-1000 in “Terminator 2 (T2) Judgment Day”? Cameron actually wanted legendary punk rock musician Billy Idol to be the deadly liquid metal assassin from the future!  Back in 2008, stunt coordinator Joel Kramer revealed in an interview that “…Robert Patrick wasn’t James Cameron’s first pick – Billy Idol was.

Joel recalled when James Cameron was plotting out the legendary “Terminator” sequel, he walked into Jim’s office to look at the storyboards and said “…Jim, these storyboards look just like Billy Idol!  And (Jim) was like, ‘Yeah, he was my first pick.’ But Billy had gotten into a motorcycle accident and broke his leg, so it didn’t work out, because he would have to be in lean running shape.

So Cameron cast actor Robert Patrick and the rest was history.

Did you know that because director James Cameron insisted on using a real 780-pound Harley-Davidson motorcycle (instead of a stunt bike) for the infamous channel jump in “Terminator 2 (T2): Judgment Day”, the stunt team had to use cables secured to two huge construction cranes to suspend the motorcycle and soften it’s landing?

The problem was, if they didn’t slow the heavy motorcycle’s descent, the landing would have not only crushed the motorcycle… but crush stunt rider Peter Kent‘s spine as well.. likely paralyzing him.

The cables were later removed from the shot in post-production.


We’ll be back… with Volume Six!


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