Unboxing & Review of Chronicle Collectibles’ 1984 “TERMINATOR GENISYS” Battle Damaged 1:2 Scale Bust!

Celebrating the latest installment of the legendary Terminator film series, “Terminator: Genisys”, Chronicle Collectibles has partnered with Skydance Productions to create the amazing 1984 Terminator Genisys Battle Damaged 1:2 Scale Bust!   Brought to life using the actual CGI scans used in “Terminator Genisys”, this bust features an amazingly realistic battle damaged 1984 Terminator (the one that fought the Guardian T-800 in Griffith Park!)   If you’re still considering purchasing one of these pieces but want to see more before you commit, Skynet’s Army: Terminator Fans United can help. We now present to you our official unboxing and review of the “1984 Terminator Genisys Battle Damaged 1:2 Scale Bust”!

Lets first take a look at the shipping box. You can see the box not only details the product inside but the limited edition numbering of your collectible as well.  The piece we’re looking at is #37 of 500.

Let’s open the top of the box.

Now lets pull out these four soft foam dividers from the corners and pull the interior box out.

Now let’s remove the clear protective bag and take a better look at this packaging!

Check out that box art!  It certainly captures the vibe of the original film, doesn’t it?  Yes, this design is definitely  inspired by the movie that started it all, 1984’s “The Terminator”!  Now since there is no art on either side of this box, let’s just have a look at the back.

The back features a professional picture of the bust inside.  Let’s open the top.

Good, the bust is protected in a styrofoam shell.  We’ll pull this out.

Now let’s have a look at what’s inside, shall we?

The bust comes in two pieces, protected in separate foam compartments. There is a bag with an extra screw for the battery door too, just in case you ever lose its original screw when replacing the batteries (more on that later.)  We’ll first pull out the base.

Underneath the base we see detailed files, plus hand numbering due to this bust’s limited run of only 500 pieces. (Whoever is numbering these busts really needs to work on their handwriting!)

Now that the base is out, it is time to assemble the bust!

Wow!  Simply glorious! The bust slides into the base easily and securely.  The dimensions of this beauty is 14″ tall, 8″ deep and 6″ wide (inches).  Let’s rotate this bust, and while we do, check out all the great battle damage on his face and body too!

And now we’re back to the front of the bust!

The bust is actually lighter than it appears.  It only looks heavy, weighing in at a manageable 10 lbs (rather light considering it’s size.)  Now it’s time to take a closer look at the gory battle damage. (If you’re squeamish, look away!)

Wow!  What a wonderfully grotesque depiction of torn cybernetic organism flesh!  The battle damage is so well done and truly looks fantastic!  But wait, there’s more!

On the back of the bust there is a battery compartment that takes two AA batteries accompanied by an off/on switch (batteries not included).  Shall we put in some batteries and turn this T-800 Model 101 on?

Look at the way the T-800’s eye lights up!

Well that’s it!  Chronicle Collectibles has done an amazing job with this “Terminator Genisys” bust.  From the sculpt to the paint job, they have really captured the look of how a battle damaged Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator would appear in the year 1984. 

At press time there are only a few left of these fantastic busts.  So if you would like to own one and haven’t ordered yours yet, you can buy one now HERE!

We’ll be back!


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