Actress Emilia Clarke talks “TERMINATOR GENISYS” not being a failure, life-lessons, stunts, and her obsession with guns!

Over the summer, when Sarah Connor actress Emilia Clarke was promoting her new movie “Me before you”, she answered some questions regarding the latest installment to our favorite franchise, “Terminator Genisys”.  Among her answers, Emilia revealed that Genisys should not be called a “failure”, some life lessons she took from it’s poor reception, adjusting to a stunt-filled blockbuster film and a strange new obsession with guns!  Here is what she had to say:

When speaking with The Wrap, Emilia Clarke was asked what sort of life lessons did she take from Terminator: Genisys, in regards to it not performing as well as people had hoped (poor critical reception and low domestic box office receipts.)  She responded..

EMILIA : So many. I’m lucky that I’m in this brilliant Game of Thrones show, but it doesn’t exclude you from experiencing things that aren’t as wildly popular or successful. I think those experiences are just as important. And it’s less about how well it did, and it’s more about the experience that I take away from it.

I feel much happier about learning lessons from… I’m not going to call (Terminator Genisys) a failure since it made like a bajillion dollars! We did OK! [Laughs] But I think that’s what you learn. You learn when things aren’t peaches and roses and everything isn’t beautiful all the time.

Emilia Clarke also spoke to HOTPRESS if the large, stunt-fuelled, action sequences of “Terminator Genisys” required a large adjustment on her part to get used to.

EMILIA : I’ve grown up on Game Of Thrones. I really have, in every way. As the show has grown, so have the stunts. It’s got bigger and bigger with every season, so that prepared me for a big blockbuster. So it wasn’t a huge shock getting to the set of Terminator.”

In that same interview, it was also revealed that “Terminator Genisys” ignited a part of Emilia’s personality she had never before accessed: her inner gun-nut!

EMILIA Filming Terminator, I weirdly became really obsessed with using guns. After learning how to shoot, I wanted to learn how to take a gun apart and put it back together blindfolded. That obsession with firearms was surprising. It worried me a bit (laughs)!”

Even though it’s a tall order for any actress to measure up to Linda Hamilton’ iconic performance as Sarah Connor, and the chips were already stacked against her, we believe Emilia did a good job portraying a young Sarah Connor and still hope that she returns as Sarah one day (considering she is reportedly still under contract with Skydance to do two more Terminator sequels, if asked.)

We’ll be back!


3 thoughts on “Actress Emilia Clarke talks “TERMINATOR GENISYS” not being a failure, life-lessons, stunts, and her obsession with guns!”

  1. r rated sequel, lets go. Because lets get real there ether waiting to see how T2 performs in china or there not, I suppose perhaps they might what to be sure china has a loyal fan base. but lets get real, ultimately you have terminator fans in age that range from 20 to 60 right, so the majority of the older fans might more then likely be the ones leaving not so favourable comments online because there stuck in the t1 – t2 world where as the most important aspect the studio should understand is this film didn’t catch on with younger teenagers so as appose to making the next instalment unattractive to 18 to 24 year olds not really familiar with the franchise, make the sequel r rated, mad max fury road is a great entertaining film, but with almost no story and a very almost stupid one for what it has to an degree, but was it the r rating that made it good enough to earn favouritism. One thing that has NEVER! been done is releasing a next instalment in a decent frame time in this franchise, it should be continued and It should be complete.


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