Updates & Merchandise for “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D” Chinese mobile MMORPG & VR games!

The official mobile MORPG game for “Terminator 2 : Judgment Day 3D” went live for beta testing yesterday in China. This week-long test will finally allow a portion of the general public to experience the anticipated game inspired by the science fiction classic!

The T2 multiplayer online role-playing game is a sandbox style, open-world mobile game where players can roam freely as per their will, or can complete missions and objectives of the game. The gameplay features multiple playing styles including role-playing, shooting, racing and action all blended together!

In regards to this game being released to other countries other than China including the United States, Andy Anderson (Vice President of the Motion Picture Group for DMG) commented over the summer..“We’ve discussed it. We’re discussing it at the moment”. Still no official word.

DMG has been heavily promoting this exciting game with exhibits and lots of new merchandise.  It is nice to see the Terminator franchise is still so highly regarded in many parts of the world!

Finally, here’s a long awaited peek at the “Terminator 2″ Judgment Day 3D” VR game. Let’s hope this gets released worldwide as well!

We’ll be back!


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