TERMINATOR TRIVIA Volume 7: Cool Facts you may not know about the Terminator Franchise!

Did you happen to miss some or all of our latest TERMINATOR TRIVIA postings on our Facebook Page? Well don’t fret, we’ve collected all of these tasty Terminator tidbits into a single volume that you can read here! And who knows, even the most die-hard Terminator Fans might just learn something new about the franchise we all hold near and dear to our hearts!


Did you know that in the 1984 film “The Terminator”, the unnamed female resistance fighter who fought along side Kyle Reese (in Kyle’s flashback dream) was played by no one other than Linda Hamilton’s stunt double Jean Malahni?

Unlike her character who met an explosive demise, Jean lived to tell about!


Did you know that for 1984’s “The Terminator” there were different designs considered for the T-800’s Endoskull?

When it came to bringing the T-800 from concept art to the screen, writer & director James Cameron had a design in mind. Yet, always open to suggestions, Cameron challenged Stan Winston’s design team to use their creativity and produce their own Endoskull heads. Using clay lifecasts of actor’s Arnold Schwarzenegger head and neck, artists carved them down to produce some very stunning results.

However, like with most things, James Cameron’s ideas were simply better than the rest.. and the final T-800 version Cameron approved was almost identical to the way he originally envisioned it.


Did you know actress Linda Hamilton would have returned as Sarah Connor in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” if Sarah’s part (and the script) would have been written better?

Even though in 2002 Linda Hamilton was currently seeking acting roles that were off-type from the strong female action heroine lead she was usually typecast in and somewhat reluctant to fill Sarah Connor’s shoes once more, she did actually meet with T3 producers Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna to discuss returning to the Terminator universe.

In a 2011 interview with Assignment X, Linda admitted she would have been interested in returning as Sarah Connor in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” if the script would have given Sarah’s character purpose. Linda said “..if it had been there in the script I would have been interested, but my part just wasn’t there at all. They had written a rather small part where Sarah dies. There was no time to mourn and everybody is on the run and I just viewed it as a diminished return so I saw no reason to do it.”

Knowing Linda Hamilton would have returned if the writing was a higher quality, we are certain there are many Terminator fans that wish they could travel back in time to convince the T3 creators to have written Linda a better character arc.


Did you know that there was originally a scene filmed for “Terminator Salvation” that had Kyle Reese looking upon the infamous 1984 gas station photograph of Sarah Connor, for the very first time?

Ultimately cut from the final film, this scene showed Kyle Reese (after burying the body of Marcus Wright) finding the Sarah Connor picture in the jacket that was given to him by John Connor. Interestingly enough, the snapshot he found of Linda Hamilton did not match the original photograph from 1984’s “The Terminator” (due to a rights issue not resolved until after principal photography was completed.)


Did you know that back in 1984 you could buy a movie theater ticket for “The Terminator” in the United States for as little as $1.25? And some theaters you could see it for just a buck ($1.00)?

It makes you want to time travel back to 1984, doesn’t it?


We’ll be back… with Volume Eight!


3 thoughts on “TERMINATOR TRIVIA Volume 7: Cool Facts you may not know about the Terminator Franchise!”

    1. In the shooting script for “The Terminator” we read, she was never named. She was referred to as “teammate” and “girl”. We believe the novelization was written after the film’s release so naming her could likely have been an effort to flesh out the novel adaptation a bit more by Randall Frakes or possibly Will Wisher.

      But that is interesting Adrian! Thanks for sharing! ☺


  1. The origin of the name is interesting in itself. The script doesnt give it, but the novelization does, and it was written way prior to the shooting based off an earlier script, albeit released a year after the movie due to certain issues. Since Jim did not name her in the script, it would seem that the name came from Wisher and Frakes, however Jim used the same name for the female pilot in Aliens. Did he took it from the novelization or was it a name he gave the authors, who were and remain his personal friends


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