A new “THE TERMINATOR” Official Board Game is in development!

Terminator fans take note:  Have you ever wished you and your friends or family could submerse themselves in the exciting man versus machine struggle of the classic film “The Terminator”?  Well game and comic book publisher Space Goat Productions just announced today that they will be partnering with Studiocanal, Oak Productions, and Creative Licensing to make The Terminator: The Official Board Game!

Bringing in police officer 1L19 (a.k.a. “The Terminator” co-writer William Wisher)  into the creative mix as a story consultant, “The Terminator: The Official Board Game” is a strategy game played across two boards, one in 1984 and one in 2029!

One player takes control of all the forces of the machines (Hunter Killer flying machines, Terminator endoskeletons, and new robots based on the classic 80s aesthetic). The rest of the players take the role of the human resistance, struggling against the impossible odds of the machine uprising!

William Wisher had this to say about the upcoming game:

“I’m very excited to be consulting with the creative team at Space Goat to bring The Terminator board game to life! I’ve missed my old friends SarahConnor, Kyle Reese, and the T-800. It will be fun to spend time with them again!”

And sharing William Wisher’s enthusiasm over the game is Space Goat President Shon Bury:

“We’re bringing 1984 back. The only movie we care about is the original. We love retro. We want to explore the beginning. Which is why for this game, we’re focusing on what hardcore Terminator fans love about the original movie.”

The board game is currently under production, and a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project is planned for a launch in February.

If you want to get on their mailing list, visit their website at terminatorboardgame.com. Or stick right here for updates as they progress.

We’ll be back!


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