“EXTERMINATION” Animated Trailer hopes to Revive the Terminator Franchise!

While the status of the Terminator franchise is currently in a state of unknown, a German animator has just made an open pitch to current Terminator rights owner Skydance Productions for a new direction that the classic science fiction series could take.

Titled “Extermination”, this visually brilliant animated trailer is set in a post-Judgment Day future, but much later than all the other Terminator films have explored. Skynet has already been defeated, the Resistance has already won, yet there are still pockets of active machines in the world that are still a danger. However the real threat to humanity, may be humanity itself.

Check out the visually stunning trailer:

Once again this is not a fan film, but a new movie studio pitch in the form of an animated trailer, showing a brand new direction that can be taken with the Terminator franchise.

Will this pitch work?  We don’t know.  The odds are likely against them, but this may turn out to be an eye-opener to show Hollywood that the future of Terminator film franchise can exist beyond the legendary characters of Kyle Reese, and John & Sarah Connor.

We’ll be back.


4 thoughts on ““EXTERMINATION” Animated Trailer hopes to Revive the Terminator Franchise!”

  1. The more I think about it; if you replace the Terminators with Zombies this is similar to The Walking Dead which is a very successful formula.


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