TERMINATOR 6 : Taking another look at rumored inside information. 

Almost a year ago in February of 2016, we were contacted by someone who asked to remain anonymous and claimed they were related to a key member involved in the “Terminator 6” discussions, and had some news to share. We posted an article about it (found here) and warned readers to treat the information as strictly a rumor. However, now almost 12 months later, fresh from the revelation that James Cameron is involved heavily with developing T6, it appears this inside information may have been more factual than we realized.

Here was the scoop we reported on last year in its entirety:

After “loosely being attached” to the development of “Terminator Genisys”, when James Cameron informed the media last year that he felt the story told in ‘Terminator 5’ had “reinvigorated” the franchise, he wasn’t kidding. We were informed that Cameron’s Terminator “creative juices” are flowing again and he is apparently reconsidering re-joining the franchise that he closed the book on so many years ago after T2. This re-acclimation to his beloved creation was apparently a direct result to “getting his feet wet” with Genisys, overseeing the 3D conversion of the 1991 classic “T2: Judgment Day” (to be released this year) and (interestingly) inspired by the worldwide critical acclaim the 70 year old film veteran George Miller received after returning to his “Mad Max” roots. We were told the deal that would likely be made between Skydance and Cameron would hand over complete control of T6 to Jim. Cameron would produce, direct and write the next installment (along with an unnamed co-writer).

When we inquired why wouldn’t Cameron just wait until the reported copyrights revert back to him in 2019 (so he could reap more of the financial benefits), it was explained to us that the beneficiary changes only impacted North American rights and is more complicated than it seems. When we asked does Cameron’s possible ‘re-engaging with the Terminator franchise’ have direct correlation to the new “Avatar” film release date cancellation (with no rescheduling), we were told “possibly”. Our scooper could not confirm what (if any) of the story threads or cast from “Terminator Genisys” would be carried over to Cameron’s new film but if the deal indeed does happen, we should expect it to be officially announced this summer during the 25th Anniversary of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”.

Now it’s important to note that according to the latest news (reported here), the visionary James Cameron will likely be only producing “Terminator 6”, but not writing it, nor directing it. But did James Cameron consider co-writing and directing T6 at first, in the early stages of negotiation with Skydance?   It certainly seems possible now, considering the scooper also revealed that Skydance would hand over complete control of T6 to Cameron, something that appears to be true if Cameron is the one indeed having talks with Terminator 6’s potential director (Deapool’s Tim Miller).

All in all, this submission of information may well have been a massively huge, factual Terminator scoop, and none of us realized it at the time.

If this individual, or anyone else has more inside information they would like to share in regards to the Terminator franchise, you can email us at SkynetsArmy@gmail.com and feel 100% assured you will remain fully anonymous.

We’ll be back.


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