“TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D” Soundtrack coming on CD and VINYL this March 24th!

If Terminator fans missed out on buying the iconic soundtrack of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” back in 1991, fear not. A brand new reissue of the Original Soundtrack Recording of James Cameron’s blockbuster hit is coming this March!

Composed by Brad Fiedel 26 years ago, the legendary music from cinema’s greatest sequel will be available both on vinyl and compact disc!

Here is the track list:

  1. ‘Main Title Terminator 2 Theme’
  2. ‘Sarah On The Run’
  3. ‘Escape From The Hospital’
  4. ‘Desert Suite’
  5. ‘Sarah Dream’
  6. ‘Attack On Dyson’
  7. ‘Our Gang Goes To Cyberdyne’
  8. ‘Trust Me’
  9. ‘John And Dyson Into Vault’
  10. ‘Swat Team Attack’
  11. ‘I’ll Be Back’
  12. ‘Helicopter Chase’
  13. ‘Tanker Chase’
  14. ‘Hasta La Vista, Baby’
  15. ‘Into The Steel Mill’
  16. ‘Cameron’s Inferno’
  17. ‘Terminator Impaled’
  18. ‘Terminator Revives’
  19. ‘T-1000 Terminated’
  20. ‘It’s Over’

Be sure to pick up your copy of the “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY” Original Soundtrack Recording this March 24th at music retailers everywhere!

We’ll be back!


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