James Cameron talks “TERMINATOR 6” in Live Q&A at the Berlin Film Festival!

During a live Question & Answer session with James Cameron at the Berlin Film Festival, which was also simulcast on Facebook, Cameron was mostly asked questions regarding the 3D conversion of his blockbuster film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”.  (Note we learned that other than digitally fixing a falling windshield from the T-1000’s truck as it crashes into the drainage canal, no futher alterations were made to T2 3D.)  Cameron did speak briefly however about the new Terminator film in development and this is what he had to say.

It started with a question from someone in the audience, where they acknowledged James Cameron would be reacquiring the rights to the Terminator franchise soon and wanted to know if he would ever consider directing another Terminator film again.

James Cameron jokingly countered that after all the Avatar films he’s creating, he would be too old to direct another Terminator film, but not before teasing fans that he hopes to be still creatively involved with “Terminator 6”.

The following was James Cameron’s response:

“I mean ah well look it’s a complex issue.  The current rights holder is Skydance and they did the most recent Terminator film Genisys, “Terminator Genisys” and I’m in very early discussions with them because why wait till, till 2019, if we don’t have to. If we know that’s coming why don’t we get ahead of it, you know?

I won’t be able to direct it because I’m doing four Avatar movies back-to-back and they’re all written and we’ve already started preparation on that. So uh, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be creatively involved, but I don’t really have anything concrete right now.  But fingers crossed that we can bring Terminator back.

I think the bigger issue is, you know, how do we make it fresh, how do we make it new and as inventive for the twenty-first century as the first two Terminator films were, you know, 25 and 30 years ago.”

So if anyone previously had any doubts that the rumors were true or not that James Cameron is “godfathering” TERMINATOR 6, they can now put those fears to rest. James Cameron is indeed helping Skydance develop a sixth Terminator film and we can’t wait to see what kind of Terminator movie is coming next.

We’ll be back!


3 thoughts on “James Cameron talks “TERMINATOR 6” in Live Q&A at the Berlin Film Festival!”

  1. I would not be shocked if Mr. Schwarzenegger is absent from this latest Terminator project. My instincts tell me that whatever story they tell, it will be far removed from what we have seen before.


  2. empire strikes back is a much better film than judgement day…because empire strikes back pushes the franchise in new directions. the direction of terminator is a well worn out theme of MAN VS MACHINE without any real nuance or deviation. thus to make terminator great is to push it to a new direction

    the singularity

    Set after the future war

    when man and machine combine for the greator good of both parties. the story could begin with jason conner the son of john conner deviating from john conners anti robot vision because he realizes that humanity has fallen into tribalism and continue to war against eachother as well as the earths ecology going downhill. realizing the infinite possibilities of machine human hybrids and the transhuman possibility of human immortality through a merger of the machines

    he also has a deep resentment for his father. Decal red physically unfit for service, Jason always felt like a dissapointment to his father. Imagine a angry pale kid with a bad attitude and a cold intellect to which there is no equal. But he suffers from a rift with his father

    John conner on the otherhand is shell-shocked from the war, has PTSD, and generally has trouble coming to grips with the fact that the war is finally over…you don’t need to know that he is john conner. This story will be a standalone as possible…creating a character that actually stands on his own merits to be compelling

    jason decides to step out of his comfort zone and decides to desert from his fathers people with several followers as they decide to build a lab in the mountains to merge human and machine(using machines who are still around even after skynet defeat). this leads to a war between father and son and their ideologies

    Jason wants to use skynet technology and merge with it to create a new race and end starvation and death…Jason isn’t a villian in his eyes

    While john wants to preserve human values…
    he is also frightened of his sons complete disregard for his own humanity as he watches his son become more and more robotic(no T-3000 bullshit something grounded yet powerful and all inspiring….t3000 felt like a stupid superhero film)

    This story will stand on its own merits and won’t require previous films for emotional investment and info. 

    We need to move terminator to the future away from time travel rehashes and reinvent the mythos

    This also involves Linda Hamilton sarah connor


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