James Cameron helped friend and likely T6 director, Tim Miller, get “DEADPOOL” made at Fox.

After our previous report this past Wednesday uncovering that likely “TERMINATOR 6” director Tim Miller was not only a contemporary inspiration of James Cameron, but an actual friend, we decided to dig deeper into that friendship to see what we could find. And what we found is James Cameron was instrumental in getting Miller’s “Deadpool” film made.

It’s amazing now to think that the blockbuster film “Deadpool” was stuck in a stage of development hell for years, with Fox never giving the film the greenlight to start production. It wasn’t until Tim Miller’s friends James Cameron (and David Fincher) went to bat for Miller and the movie, that “Deadpool” finally received approval to go into production.

In 2016 Rhett Reese, one of the writers of “Deadpool”, had this to say about it:

“They read the script each of them at two independent key moments during the script’s development. And each one of them was kind enough to go to 20th Century Fox and essentially throw in their good word just saying ‘Hey, what are you guys doing with Deadpool? You should be making this!

David was a help before (James Cameron) and he was just kind of nudging along the way. And then Jim ultimately weighed in in a key decision node moment and got Fox to free up some money to try a PG-13 draft at the time – that was not Jim’s idea, that was Fox’s idea.

But I think a project that is dormant often just suffers from neglect, and I think having those powerful people weigh in at certain times just lodged with Fox and I think it had a cumulative effect more than anything.”

Director Tim Miller also weighed in on the help Cameron (and Fincher) was to getting the film into production:

“First of all they’re probably mad at me for ever having… because that was never intended to be public knowledge! Listen – the industry listens to tastemakers and you could not find two gentlemen who have better taste in what should become a movie or be made into a movie and so I just thought that maybe they could help push the boulder up the hill a little bit, which they kindly did.”

You can watch the majority of these quotes spoken live in the following IGN video:

So without James Cameron’s help, Tim Miller’s directorial debut “Deadpool” probably would have never become a reality.  It’s good to know that both Cameron and Miller have such a strong bond and sense of loyalty towards one another, which will be a terrific foundation as they move forward together and develop “TERMINATOR 6”!

We’ll be back!


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