THE TERMINATOR Board Game incorporates “Enemy of my Enemy” Comic Series as an Expansion!

In 2014, Dark Horse Comics published a highly praised six issue comic series titled The Terminator: Enemy of my Enemy.  Embraced by Terminator fans and comic fans alike, Space Goat Productions, Inc. just excitingly revealed to us, that they will be incorporating this very cool series as an available expansion pack to their upcoming game “The Terminator: The Official Board Game”!

We all know that in 1984, Kyle Reese protected Sarah Connor from a terrifying cyborg that would stop at nothing to terminate her, right?  Well imagine if no one came to save her, because that is exactly what what happens to a woman  named Elise Fong in 1985.

In the comic series, Skynet targets a biotechnician named Elise Fong who is destined to discover a vital weapon against the Terminators!  With no one else to protect her, Fong’s only hope is Farrow Greene, an ex-CIA assassin who is all muscle and one of the most dangerous women on the planet!

And now you will be able to add the badass Farrow Greene to the upcoming “The Terminator: The Official Board Game” by ordering a brand new expansion!  Here are the details:

– – –

Expansion 4: Enemy of My Enemy
From the pages of the 2014 comic, Ex-CIA operative Farrow Greene makes an appearance as a new playable character for the Resistance. One of the few characters who was capable of holding her own against a Terminator in single combat, Greene is sure to make an impact in whichever timeline players choose to include her. Unlike other characters in the core game, Greene can be played on either board: in 1984 she’s a solid compliment to Kyle Reese to help protect Sarah Connor. In 2029, she makes a highly effective Resistance fighter.


  • 1 rules insert (single page)
  • 1 miniature
  • 1 double-sided statcard (1984/2029)
  • 20 character cards

The fact that Space Goat Productions, Inc. is expanding the game’s scenarios to feature cool Terminator comic lore is exciting news indeed.

Keep checking back with THE TERMINATOR: THE OFFICIAL BOARD GAME Kickstarter Page to learn how to get your hands on this awesome expansion!  They will have detailed files soon. 

We’ll be back!


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