RUMOR: “TERMINATOR 6” will be a 20th Century Fox film?

We didn’t know it at the time, but over a year ago, we received a legitimate scoop that James Cameron would be creatively involved in some capacity with “TERMINATOR 6”.  Fast forward to 13 months later, and once again we have been contacted by a claimed insider that reportedly has new information in regards to T6.

Please Note: What you are about to read has NOT been collaborated by Skydance nor James Cameron and none of these claims have been validated. So what you are about to read must strictly be treated as a RUMOR, and only as a rumor at this time.

Two days ago we were contacted by someone who claims to have knowledge in the development of T6. This person informed us that in 2017, a partnership is coming to a close. Yes, Skydance’s long running co-financing arrangement with Paramount Pictures is ending this year, and this has already freed up Skydance to shop movie projects to any studio in the world. And what does this mean for “Terminator 6”?  We are told James Cameron wants to bring T6 to 20th Century Fox.

It’s only natural that Jim would want to produce T6 with Fox.  James Cameron has had a long lasting business relationship with 20th Century Fox, starting with “Aliens” in 1985. Spanning over 30 years, the alliance between Cameron and Fox marks one of the most successful filmmaker-studio alliances in motion picture history. Following “Aliens”, the partnership produced “The Abyss”, “True Lies”, the ‘Best Picture’ Academy Award winning “Titanic”, and the highest grossing film in history, “Avatar” (which will be followed up by four sequels).

So is T6 coming to Fox?  Until collaborated, we should treat all rumors with a grain of salt.  But based on the information that was provided to us (and the manner it was delivered) we won’t be surprised if this is announced as a reality sometime soon.

We’ll be back!


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