“TERMINATOR VISION” is no longer science fiction!

Back in 1984, audiences across the world were amazed when director James Cameron revealed The Terminator ‘s vision for the very first time.  As Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese fled down the alley behind the Tech-Noir, the ominous red HUD (Heads Up Display) of the T-800 revealed that Sarah was not being pursued by just an ordinary man.  Her pursuer was a cybernetic organism, equipped with a transparent display that presented analysis and decision options data over a visual screen. And now, you can be equipped with Terminator vision too!

Microsoft has produced a product called “HoloLens”, which is a virtual reality headset.  This is not your ordinary virtual reality equipment, however!  This headset actually has transparent lenses that allows you to see the world around you, while it augments and adds to your reality.

And now “Terminator Vision” is available! Yes, the T-800 Terminator’s visual field is available for the HoloLens. But make no mistake, this is not just a gimmick that changes your view to a red HUD.  This visual field actually allows you to analyze objects in the physical space.

With your HoloLens headset on, you can go about your every day life just like a real cybernetic organism!  Your vision will be equipped with the ability to analyze objects, use facial detection, and even analyze words using optical character recognition.

Yes fans, with the ability to acquire real “Terminator Vision” now, the fictional Terminator world of James Cameron has inched even closer to becoming a reality.

We’ll be back. 


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