Paramount Pictures will not be involved with “TERMINATOR 6”!

Hasta La Vista Paramount Pictures!  On March 4th, we reported HERE that a source informed us that in 2017, the long running partnership between Skydance and Paramount Pictures was coming to a close, freeing up Skydance to shop movie projects to any studio in the world.  We were also informed that James Cameron wanted to bring “TERMINATOR 6” to the movie studio he developed a 30 plus year relationship with, none other than 20th Century Fox!  Well now it appears once again, a scoop we received about T6 is revealing itself to be true.

According to the New York Daily News, the executives at Paramount Pictures have decided not to pick up their option to bring “Terminator 6” to cinemas across the world.  Now with Paramount Pictures no longer involved, this frees up Skydance to make future Terminator films with any studio they chose…. including 20th Century Fox.

As we reported before, it’s only natural that Jim would want to produce T6 with Fox.   James Cameron has had a long lasting relationship with 20th Century Fox, starting with “Aliens” in 1985 to the highest grossing film in history, “Avatar”, which he will be following up with four sequels. Cameron is reportedly very comfortable and loyal towards the Executives at Fox, who have stuck their proverbial necks out to fund risky high budget projects of his in the past (including the surprisingly successful “Titanic”).

So will fans be hearing soon about a “TERMINATOR 6” deal struck between Skydance and 20th Century Fox, with James Cameron producing?  Stay tuned!

We’ll be back!


4 thoughts on “Paramount Pictures will not be involved with “TERMINATOR 6”!”

  1. R rated yes, T-800 villain yes. If you do plan on bringing Sarah Connor back , don’t look for another actress, how many times has John Connor been replaced with a new actor ? Paramount should have had Christian Bale reprise his role, and Jai Courtney explaining the nuclear war started 2003 not 1997 and with the war in the beginning of genisys depicting the john we seen from T2 all the way to salvation, but instead no. Genisys had a more inventive story then rise of the machine and salvation it just wasn’t executed correctly.


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