Could the upcoming “TERMINATOR 6” be entirely computer animated? 

This past March, when Skydance chief David Ellison revealed that a major announcement about the Terminator franchise was coming in 2017, fans were elated.  At that point, “Terminator 6” news had already broke that James Cameron would be involved (which Cameron confirmed), and we later learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger expected to be involved as well.  Actually, the only thing remaining to be confirmed (other than the nature of the movie itelf and the distributor) is the announcement that Tim Miller will be directing “Terminator 6”.

But if Tim Miller is on board as director, we feel it’s necessary to inform fans that there is a chance that T6 will be entirely animated.  We’re not talking about a cartoon here, but a fully rendered 3D movie.  You see, Tim Miller is visual effects and animation artist at heart.

In March of 1995, good friend of James Cameron, Tim Miller co-founded Blur Studio with David Stinnett, a visual effects, animation and design company that specializes in everything from animated movies to video game cinematics.

Since then Blur Studio has created intergalactic sequences for “Avatar,” critically acclaimed game trailers like for “Halo Wars 2”, opening title sequences for movies like  “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, and even created the almost entirely CG prologue of Marvel’s “Thor: The Dark World.”

Check out their latest awesome promotion reel here:

In 2003, Tim Miller directed the short animated film “Rockfish”.

A few years later in 2005, Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film “Gopher Broke”.

In 2008, with James Cameron’s help, Tim Miller tried to get an animated “Heavy Metal” movie off the ground, based on the American science fiction magazine of the same name (we reported on it HERE).

And in late 2012, Tim Miller launched a kickstarter campaign to create an animatic story reel for a potential animated film “The Goon” (a movie Miller still hopes will be made.)

If you add to the list “Aunt Luisa” (another short animated film that Tim Miller directed), “Deadpool” stands as the only live action film Tim Miller has ever directed… and demonstrates the incredible passion Miller has for traditional and computer animation.

So is it possible, when Skydance C.E.O. David Ellison said he thinks the Terminator franchise’s future will go “the direction it needs to head”, that Ellison is talking about a fully CG animated Terminator film, possibly dealing with the future war?  We don’t know, but it is entirely possible.

A fully CG animated Terminator movie would alow aging stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger (and even Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn) to lend their voices and have a whole new lease on their Terminator life, if the story calls for it. And that we admit, would be pretty cool.

We’ll be back.


2 thoughts on “Could the upcoming “TERMINATOR 6” be entirely computer animated? ”

  1. This is the only true way to follow on from T2, linda is a little to ongoing to rein act the character of Sarah the way she did back in 1990, this way you could also have a more faithful representation of john connor from t2 , but the ultimate question is, will the film be profitable to sustain the budget needed for this ? ,


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