Some fans want Calum von Moger to be the next TERMINATOR T-800 Model 101.

At least once a month we receive an e-mail from someone in our Army of Terminator fans stating bodybuilder Calum von Moger should be cast as a Terminator. They are not suggesting he play any old Terminator. No, these fans are proposing that Moger be cast as the biggest Terminator of all, the T-800 Model 101 made famous by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Other T-800 models do not look like Arnold (like the Model 102 for instance played by actor & bodybuilder Franco Columbu). But with the T-800 Model 101 so iconicly Schwarzenegger, how could anyone else ever play as him?  We now submit for your consideration… bodybuilder Calum von Moger.

Von Moger has been dubbed “Arnie 2.0” because of his similiar physique and appearance to the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A self-described skinny kid who started his career lifting old weights in an empty warehouse, this small town Australian native is a 26-year-old award winning bodybuilder who is constantly compared to the most famous bodybuilder of all time.

Said to be “flattered” when compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Calum von Moger catapulted onto the global stage when he won a recent Mr. Universe bodybuilding contest.

It seems von Moger not only wants to be compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger the bodybuilder, but Arnold Schwarzenegger the actor as well, especially after he posted himself imitating some of Schwarzenegger’s most iconic film roles.

Calum von Moger certainly does look a lot like a younger Arnold Schwarzenegger, and other than missing the Austrian accent, seems like a perfect fit to replace Arnold in the role of the T-800 Model 101 (if James Cameron and Skydance ever felt so inclined to do so.)

But ultimately, the odds are against Calum von Moger ever being cast as the T-800 Model 101.  It seems in Hollywood today, directors usually choose not to cast actors in rebooted iconic roles, when they look like the original actors.

This was never proven more true when Disney made the decision not to cast Harrison Ford look alike (and good actor) Anthony Ingruber to star in their new Han Solo film. They chose to cast actor Alden Ehrenreich instead (who looks nothing like Ford).

But as we know, the future is not set, so only time will tell.

We’ll be back.


3 thoughts on “Some fans want Calum von Moger to be the next TERMINATOR T-800 Model 101.”

  1. I don’t wanna sound like a cheap dick but I think a great terminator would be Brock lesnar . He is already kinda scary looking .


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