James Cameron wasn’t completely forthcoming about altering the digital effects in “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D”?

Back in February, during a live Question & Answer session with James Cameron at the Berlin Film Festival after the world premiere of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D”, James Cameron revealed that the only scene that would be digitally altered was a fixing of a falling windshield from the T-1000’s truck (as it crashed into the drainage canal).  But now after the release of the film’s theatrical trailer on display to the world, Cameron’s declaration no longer seems to be factual.

Here were James Cameron’s exact words, when he was asked if they digitally altered the visual effects in T2:

JAMES CAMERON: “No we didn’t change anything within the film. We just recreated the color and obviously we did the stereo, 3D, but we didn’t alter anything within the film.

I think you get into a slippery slope of revisionism then, and starting to recorrect your mistakes and where would that end, you know?

There was one thing we did that had always bothered me. When the tow truck hits the bottom of the drainage canal the windshield falls out and you can see it plain as day and then in the next shot it’s still in the truck so I told them to paint that out and fix the shield. That was just for me because it always bothered me. So full disclosure.”

Just as Cameron said, here you can see the windshield no longer falling from the truck in the 2017 version, thanks to the film’s trailer:

But contrary to what James Cameron said at the festival, there were more digital alterations to disclose, as you can see below:

While the face of Edward Furlong’s stunt double was not digitally altered, you can see the T-800 no longer has the face of stunt man Peter Kent (wearing a facial appliance to make him look more like Arnold Schwarzenegger). Now it has been digitally altered to reflect Arnold’s face.

So if one stunt man’s face has been digitally swapped with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face, then why not replace more?  This logical question is exactly why we now think that the below scene will also have a digitally alterred face swap as well:

That leaves us with the following question: When James Cameron said he was giving the fans full disclosure, why did Cameron say he was only digitally altering one scene (the truck windshield scene)?

We don’t know, but now we are really curious how much “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D (2017)” will differ from the original 1991 version.

The one thing we do know (also revealed in the trailer) is how the new remastered version of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” will be much brighter than the original 1991 print.  However, this is something we expected.

With passive 3D technology, there is a natural dimming that occurs when viewing a film while wearing 3D glasses.  Therefore, the lightening of the whole entire movie was likely purposeful, to account for the loss of light with 3D glasses viewing.

The question that accompanies this alteration is; When the remastered 2D version is released, will it be just as bright?  That is still undetermined.

Either way, fans should get ready for a different “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” than they remember!

We’ll be back.

UPDATE: We found yet another digital alteration made to T2 in 3D that involves the T-1000. Read all about it HERE.


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