A fan faithfully recreates “TERMINATOR 2” using a video game!

Fan recreations of popular movies like the Terminator are a dime a dozen these days. Often most are overlooked by the mainstream media, however recently there has been one notable creation that has received a great deal of attention.

A game modder, referring to himself on YouTube as Kramer’s Media, has managed to remake 60 Minutes worth of the 1991 science fiction classic “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” almost entirely using Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto video game!

The creator must have recognized the fictional Los Santos environments in “Grand Theft Auto 5”  were based on the actual U.S. city Los Angeles, California, which was exactly the environment needed to stage his recreation of Terminator 2.

Even though the 60 minute runtime is less than 50% of the actual film’s running time, this recreation manages to pack in all of the most memorable scenes from “Terminator 2”.

Dubbed in Russian, this labor of love is still  watchable in any country who can appreciate all the hard work it took to recreate so many iconic T2 moments.

Watch the video here:

We’ll be back!


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