TERMINATOR MAILBAG: “Thank you for healing the Terminator community.”

We receive a lot of e-mail from Terminator fans throughout a course of a year. And while we try to make sure to respond to each and every one, very few e-mails actually make their way on to our news page.  Yet, when we received a very touching letter from a fan who has such a deep passion for the Terminator universe that he actually played the Terminator theme during his wedding procession, we had to ask him if we could share it!

Fortunately, Daniel agreed and here is what he wrote:

Dear Webmaster,

I have been an avid Terminator fan since the first Terminator credits rolled in my local movie theater way back in 1984. The 3 dollars the ticket cost changed my life. I still have the ticket! Since then my love for this machine world and Sarah Connor has never weakened even though my body has. I am a pretty old man. More old than probably all of you and more old than I care to admit. I will say I am happily retired with plenty of time to enjoy watching and reading Terminator with my wife. I even played the Terminator theme in my wedding! It wasn’t all enjoyable though. Not lately.

A couple of years ago there was an ache in my heart. I was embarrassed to be a Terminator fan. I should of been excited because there was a new Terminator film out. Nope. I was not. This is because there was so much rude and insulting behaviour inside our fan community. It was fueled by (*a place*) that proclaimed to represent fans but was repeatedly rude and vulgar to many of us and our opinions. Many fans saw that behavior as acceptable and adopted it as their own. Because of that I never saw such vitriol and disrespect among our community. Never ever. Fans insulting fans. I was thoroughly disgusted. Then your site appeared.

Your site allowed us to be ourselves. Your site allowed fans to like what we want to with Terminator and did not judge or force opinions at us, rage, criticism or encourage hate.

Your site has changed the climate. Have you noticed? I have! There is hardly any fighting now. There is hardly any bashing now. Your site has even forced that other (*place*) to soften their stance in fear of losing even more readers. They even promote Terminator Genisys related stuff now and is kinder to it. Ha! It really is not a bad film.

What I am trying to say is thank you so much. Thank you for healing the Terminator community. Thank you for making a place for this old timer to go. Thank you for making it fun again to be a Terminator fan. Thank you!


Daniel (********)

We want to thank Daniel again for his very touching and extremely complimentary e-mail, and for giving us the permission to share it. We do appreciate his… and all the fans’ support!

If you would like to send us an e-mail, you can do so by sending it to SkynetsArmy@gmail.com.

We’ll be back.


6 thoughts on “TERMINATOR MAILBAG: “Thank you for healing the Terminator community.””

  1. TERMINATOR MUSIC AT YOUR WEDDING ? Your the kind of Terminator fan I would want to hang around with no matter what your age ! Keep on keeping on Daniel !


  2. EU Eduardo queria saber se schwarzenegger vai interpreta um exterminado de forma liquida como foi t 1000 mas do bem


  3. I would like every to know how to wipe out any type of electronic machine. Including robots. Spray the robot or electronic machine. With black aluminum based epoxy paint make sure you get it in the vent fan area in it will overheat and and burn. Don’t worry about any super computers or anything because if the vent clogs. The thing over heats. From Brother Trav this could be a new movie concept.


  4. Any equipment that has video cameras and sensors spray with epoxy aluminum paint they won’t be able to see in the fall over it’s a new movie humans win


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