HE’S BACK!  The T-800 Terminator Guardian Statue is in production from Silver Fox Collectibles!

We received a production update from the good people at Silver Fox Collectibles today, regarding their upcoming T-800 Terminator Guardian – 1:10 Scale Statue!

If you recall, we learned back in April that the Guardian statue was the first piece in an upcoming “Terminator Genisys” line, that is planned to include statues of a T-800 Endoskeleton, John Connor, a T-3000, an aged T-800 Guardian, and more! Well, we are happy to report the first statue has gone into production!

Silver Fox Collectibles are hard at work at making this first statue the best it can be. Please keep in mind that all the images you will be seeing today is a work-in-progress and not the finished piece (including paint work).

Production should be finished by the end of this month, and the target ship date for the T-800 Guardian statue is the first week of July 2017!

This T-800 Guardian statue will be set on a Time Displacement Unit and will come with two interchangeable heads. The first head will be undamaged, while the second head will feature iconic battle damage, exposing the Endoskeleton from beneath the Guardian’s flesh!  

We should have more pictures soon, including the statue’s packaging!

We want to thank Silver Fox Collectibles for sharing these great production photos with us.  We need Terminator fans from around the world to support this incredible, auspicious statue series, ensuring that all the planned statues of this “Terminator Genisys” collectible line sees the light of day!

Would you like to see more information and preview pics of the whole entire proposed statue line?  You can do so by clicking HERE.

And for pre-order information, be sure to visit HERE.

We’ll be back!


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