Unboxing NECA’s “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D” T-800 “Galleria” Figure!

Timed with the Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D theatrical re-release, as well as celebrating its 25th anniversary, NECA Toys commemorated the biggest Terminator film of all time by releasing a Galleria version of the T-800 Model 101… with accessories that will enable collectors to reenact one of the film’s most iconic scenes!  Yes, we’re talking about the tense, slow-motion scene at the Galleria Mall where the Terminator pulls out a shotgun concealed in a box of roses and saves the young John Connor from the deadly T-1000!

We thought it would be fun to unbox one of these cool collectible figures, so let’s have at it!  Here is the front of the packaging:

As you can see, the window box packaging prominantly features the new 3D logo of the film’s title. It’s also interesting to note that NECA has labeled this figure as their “Galleria” figure in much of their press materials, yet it is simply called the “T-800” on the front of the box.  Let’s turn this box around.

This is the back of the packaging, which interestingly promotes their HK Aerial and Tank Cinemachines, but no mention of their upcoming 12 inch T-800 figure. Let’s remove this figure out of the box.

Secured in clear plastic, you can see this figure comes with two interchangeable head sculpts, a pistol, a shotgun, and a golden rose box. 

The shotgun fits snuggly inside the rose box, and the box window has clear cellophane over it, but we can’t stop feeling this figure is incomplete without miniature plastic red roses.  It’s a missed opportunity for sure.

Now let’s look at the additional head.

It is more than an adequate sculpt, but really not necessary considering the T-800 Model 101 never loses his sunglasses in any of the Galleria scenes.  We would have clearly sacrificed the head for an inclusion of a few plastic roses that we spoke of before.

Let’s take this figure out finally!

The 7” scale action figure features the likeness of Arnold Schwarzenegger and over 25 points of articulation.  He can grip the included shotgun with one hand, or two like we posed in the above picture.

Now it’s time to do a figure comparison!


Here we are comparing NECA’s new “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D” T-800 Galleria figure with NECA’s T-800 Pescadero Escape figure released many years ago.

Much of the molds are the same, but you can clearly see the new T-800 figure (featured left) has the “diaper” style torso. While this increases articulation dramatically and allows its owner to pose the Terminator in much more dramatic positions, visually the pants of the new T-800 is far less appealing.

On the plus side however, is you will notice paint corrections have been made to both the shotgun as well as the Terminator’s belt.  This makes the paint scheme on the new T-800 (featured left) much more movie accurate!  This certainly should make Terminator collectors happy.

We hope you enjoyed this unboxing of NECA’s “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D” T-800 “Galleria” 7 inch Figure!

We’ll be back!


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