What do Terminator fans want to see in “TERMINATOR 6”!

Here at Skynet’s Army: Terminator Fans United, we have always believed our strength is in our numbers, and every Terminator fan has an equal voice to appreciate what they choose in this wonderful science fiction franchise (without condemnation or judgment).  And adhering to that mission statement, unlike other outlets, we will not tell you what you should want in “Terminator 6”.  Instead. we asked to hear from our Army directly, and report on their hopes of what direction Skydance and James Cameron should take T6… and the future of the Terminator franchise.  And this is what Terminator fans had to say:

Some fans want the Genisys timeline to continue into “Terminator 6”.

To start off, many fans still want to see the next Terminator movie exist in the Genisys timeline.  Terminator fan Emilio said on Facebook that he thinks “Arnold Schwarzenegger his character should be the same from the Terminator Genisys 2015 Pops.”  And while Evan agreed, he doesn’t seem to mind recasting the roles of Sarah and Kyle: “I want to see another movie with the Guardian Pops and they can recast Sarah and Kyle if they have to.” And on Twitter, Rocco repeated this sentiment with sharing this picture by captioning it… “Let’s see this trio on the run!

While no one voiced a desire for Terminator 6 to be a direct sequel to T2 ignoring “Terminator 3”, “Terminator Salvation” and “Terminator: Genisys”, Javier proposed on Facebook an interesting idea to combine both the original and Genisys timelines: “I vote for a X-Men Days of Future Past kind of story, with 2 different timelines, including the Genisys one with old Pops.”  

A story that crosses the original timeline and the Genisys timeline certainly sounds interesting!

And then there is a Terminator fan who wants to incorporate television’s “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” timeline into the movie universe.  Jandis said he hopes for the return of “Cameron the female terminator from tscc“.

There are many fans who want to see the Cameron Terminator again.

Some Terminator fans however are not as interested in the direction “Terminator 6” will follow in regards to its storyline, but rather what type of Terminator actor Arnold Schwarzenegger will play.  Like in the original film “The Terminator”, a fan named DV wants Arnold to play the “bad guy” again.  And Nick agees: “Arnold should be a bad Terminator like the first film.

Born to be bad?

Interestingly enough, some Terminator fans think it’s time to move on from Arnold Schwarzenegger, like Chris, who had this to say: “It would be nice to see another T-800 model (no disrespect to Arnold but he’s too old). It would be also really cool to bring back a similar version of the T-1000.” He also would like to see T6 take place in a new timeline: “Having an alternate timeline where an adult John Connor leads the resistance in 2029 to victory however to prevent Judgment Day from happening, travel back to 1997 to prevent Skynet from launching their missiles.”

Hero From The Future goes even further than that, and suggests none of the main characters we know and love should be in the forefront of “Terminator 6”.  Instead he says “Focus the story on Skynet and make it about humans and their relationship with technology. Also make the Connor family a secondary plot.”

Yet, interestingly enough, the majority of Terminator fans that made their opinion known to us would rather see actor Arnold Schwarzenegger return as a human character in the next installment of the Terminator franchise. Anthony suggested Arnold Schwarzenegger should play “a scientist or doctor who is the basis for the Model 101 design, similar to the deleted Sgt. Candy scene in T3.  Perhaps a colleague of Miles Dyson.”

Clive‘s idea is Arnold should play “a veteran resistance fighter in the new Terminator movie” that is “sent back in time.” In another timeloop, Skynet would ultimately model the T-800 Model 101 after that resistance fighter, based on “the medical files from the date when Arnold originally enlisted.”

Will believes Arnold should play a resistance fighter too “who has been captured by Skynet to use his body” for the “T-800 model 101“. Then “John Connor and Kyle Reese go on a rescue mission” to free him.  And finally, Dave believes Arnold is not the only veteran actor who should return to the Terminator franchise.  Yes, he believes Arnold should play a human role in Skynet’s lab along with Robert Patrick… “to see why Skynet chose them.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Robert Patrick playing humans in one of Skynet’s labs? Very intriguing!

So the Terminator fans have spoken!  We want to thank our Army of Terminator fans for sharing all these great ideas for “Terminator 6”.   If the new script hasn’t been entirely written, we hope Skydance’s David Ellison and James Cameron will take notes because we have a lot of great ideas here, suggested by the best fans in the world.

We’ll be back!


16 thoughts on “What do Terminator fans want to see in “TERMINATOR 6”!”

  1. I don’t care what the story is, I care about how it is told. Give it the James Cameron feel. Blue lighting, electronic music (Brad Fiedel sound), no more cheesy lines, make it horror/sci-fi and rated R.

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  2. Terminator Genisys is a sturdy film yet would have been stellar with a commanding director. So Mr. Cameron needs to make sure the new director is up for the task. Otherwise it will not matter how compelling the story is.

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  3. I want a Salvation sequel. Despite the issues with the ending (did they research medicine at all?) some of us liked it. And T3. I want Kate back too.


  4. If I had to choose what direction the next Terminator fan would go in, I’d go with these options:

    1. Bring an end to the Schwarzenegger era
    As much as I enjoy watching Mr. Schwarzenegger returning to his signature role again and again, it’s inevitable that there will come a time when he can no longer do it. Therefore, like Sylvester Stallone did with John Rambo, do one more movie that ends the model 101’s story on a high note. I’d vote for him portraying a good T-800, preferably Pops, but the original human template would be good, too.

    2. Bring back other Terminator Alumni
    Linda Hamilton is an obvious choice, as is Robert Patrick. I’d even be up for giving Edward Furlong coming back as an older John Conner, and even Christian Bale, Nick Stahl, Kristanna Loken, and Claire Danes. If this is going to be the end of the Schwarzenegger era, it’d be great to see old friends back for the ride, and anything’s possible with time travel and alternate universes.

    3. Set it entirely in the future
    We’ve had plenty of stories about trying to stop Skynet in the present day, and while we had one set in the future, ti’s high time we get one fully set in the dark-sky, neon-soaked warzones we’ve seen in bite-sized pieces.

    4. Bring an end to the war with Skynet
    Similar to 1, it would be great to have the Schwarzenegger era come to a definitive close, so that any reboots (it will happen, I’m sure of it) will be free to do their own take on the material without having to pick up from the last films. Have Skynet be defeated once and for all, and destroy every trace of time travel so that no one and nothing else can ever go back. Humanity has won, and although Earth is a wreck, rebuilding can finally begin.

    Bonus points if the last shot of the film is a reversal of the first film, with our heroes riding off towards a sunrise peeking out from under dark clouds, and a hopeful future.

    5. Have Schwarzenegger’s character survive the events of the film
    Probably my favorite part of Terminator: Genysis was that Pops survived the events of the film. What better way to have him help out everyone else, and then survive to help rebuild humanity and the earth? Sometimes it’s great to have the good guys live and enjoy life beyond whatever war they’ve fought in.


  5. Don’t confuse the fans with silly plots, bring back James Cameron to direct and finish the franchise like he did in t2. Give it an r rating


  6. it is time for a full future war movie when arnold,john connor,sarrah connor,and kyle reese fight with soldier of ressistance to destroy skynet in a final battle,no more bullshet and time travel


  7. I want more than that. New characters perhaps. After all, the people fighting Skynet aren’t just John & Sarah. Kyle and others.
    It would be nice to see another anx-ridden love feature.


  8. Looks to me like most people want to actually see the war itself.

    Numerous stories could be made about the war.

    Sure you can include a side-story involving time travel and attempts to stop judgement day but I honestly think the war itself is where it needs to go.

    Salvation might not be the best movie, but at least we finally got to see the actual future.


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  10. I am worried there is going to be yet more time-travelling. We should be done with that. We’ve had 2 outstanding cat-and-mouse films, which cannot be bettered — I’ll bet even by Cameron. Everyone wants to see the future war (and not like ‘Salvation, but like the nightmare world teased in the first two movies) and the culmination in the time pit. We want to the story to come full circle, and closure. But I guess over these corporate suits’ dead bodies.


  11. i have an idea..dr peter silberman become crazy nobody believe him but linda hamilton take him from a crazy sanatory


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