A Terminator fan 3D Prints a huge T-800 Endoskull bust!

Priced in the thousands of dollars, 3D Printers used to be a very expensive investment. But now, thanks to printers like Creality’s CR-10 (which can be purchased for $499 and under), unaffordable 3D Printing is a thing of the past.  So what does a Terminator fan naturally do when they obtain one of these affordable 3D printers?  Build a gigantic T-800 Endoskull bust of course!

Terminator fan Simon Sörensen, head of RCLifeOn, took on the challenge of creating the humongous Endoskull bust.  Using the 3D Printer and capturing it with time-lapse photography, you can actually watch this Terminator collector’s dream become reality right before your eyes!

Reportedly weighing only 1.76 pounds (800 Grams), Sörensen indicates his T-800 Endoskull bust is a whopping 180% scale. So, excluding the base, if the normal height of the skull is estimated at 9.4 inches, his newly created Terminator endoskull almost reaches 17 inches in height!

You can watch his video below:

Who knows… considering how much a collectible Terminator bust costs, maybe this article will inspire a few Terminator fans to buy a 3D printer of their own, and create their own gigantic T-800 endoskull busts!

We’ll be back!


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