Will NECA be introducing a Dire Wolf TERMINATOR figure?

[JULY 15TH UPDATE] Anyone familiar with Terminator comic lore knows that Skynet has built canine-based Terminators to help hunt and kill the human resistance.  And no canine machine is more popular to Terminator fans than the one and only, Dire Wolf (made famous by the “Terminator: Revolution” comic series!)

To the general public, this four legged death machine is hardly known… but could it be possibly that NECA Toys will be selling a toy Dire Wolf soon?  Check out this tweet NECA released today:

First of all you probably noticed the cool, red-eyed robotic canine standing next to Robocop. But then, if you read what NECA wrote, they used the hashtag #terminator!  Does this mean we are getting an Endoskeleton figure of the Dire Wolf?

Seemingly this will be on display during the San Diego Comic-Con 2017 next weekend, so hopefully we will learn more soon.

We’ll be back!

NECA’s new Terminator Dog figure has been revealed to be from the Robocop vs. Terminator property!


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