Lionsgate terminates 3D from TERMINATOR 2’s Blu-Ray home video release in the United States.

Well unfortunately, it appears to be official Terminator fans. When Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D is released on Home Video this October 3rd in the United States, Lionsgate reportedly has no intentions to release it in 3D, the very format this new version of T2 has been trumpeted with since its announcement in December of 2015.

Two days after we editorialized HERE that “3D” is not only part of the T2’s new title… but its identity, the good people at Digital Bits reached out to Lionsgate about this 3D controversy and this is the response they reported.

THE DIGITAL BITS : “We’re told by studio PR reps there is no U.S. Blu-ray 3D planned – no reason given.”

To add insult to injury, the UK Zavvi Endo Arm Special Edition not only contains two more discs than Lionsgate’s Endo Arm set (a 3D disc, as well as a soundtrack audio CD), the UK version is cheaper as well!

Sadly, this confirmation will likely send frustrated U.S. based 3D Home Video enthusiasts to spend their hard earned money on region-free international releases of Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D, versus buying it at home.

We’ll be back.


12 thoughts on “Lionsgate terminates 3D from TERMINATOR 2’s Blu-Ray home video release in the United States.”

  1. My frustration with this is insurmountable. Why Lionsgate why? In August I will have the ability to purchase the new film Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 in 3D. Yet in October as an American I will be unable to purchase Terminator 2 Judgment Day 3D in 3D. Which of the two film is the 3D aspect more prominent to its release? Exactly. Why doesn’t Mr. Cameron step in here and do something about this travesty.


  2. well, this is just another classic example of poor planning. However, its also another swift kick in the pants for lions gate. Without the inclusion of a 3d blu ray disc, I have NO intention of buying this, yet again. F A I L


  3. As there weren’t any new 3D TVs in 2017, I would have said that this is some king of ‘conspiracy’ to kill 3D, really stomp hard on it. But there have been plenty of 3D blu ray releases of superhero movies, so no, not a conspiracy. Perhaps stupidity then?


    1. I’ve heard that the gist on the True Lies NON-release is that the movie was too anti-muslim for the post-911 Hollywood crowd (Cameron).


  4. I’ve really enjoyed spending $1500.00 on a 3D TV. Only to find out that it’s going to be useless. Whoever made the stupid decision not to release Terminator 2 in 3D in the U.S. should be terminated!


  5. Cameron did the same thing with Avatar when time came to purchase the 3D version. Is he American? Really, we should boycott his movies and video’s because he always seems to leave the U.S. for last!


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