“TERMINATOR 6” starts filming the beginning of 2018 per Arnold Schwarzenegger!

What an exciting time! As we wait for an announcement soon from David Ellison at Skydance in regards to his and James Cameron’s plans for Terminator 6 , it appears actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has partially ‘let the cat out of the bag’! Per our friends at TheArnoldFans.com, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger made some exciting reveals about the next film in the Terminator franchise, including the plan to start filming the beginning of next year, early in 2018!

Here is what Arnold Schwarzenegger had to say this past weekend to interviewer Guenther Ziesel, in regards to Terminator 6:

“…in the beginning of next year we start shooting Terminator 6 which is now being developed by James Cameron. It’s got a great story so it’s going to be a terrific movie which, of course, I’d like to be involved with and I already heard, just the other day, the storyline and about my part in the movie and all this stuff…so I’m very excited about that.”

Not only did Arnold confirm they plan to start shooting “Terminator 6” in early 2018, but the Austrian star also revealed he was recently told about the storyline and the part he will be playing!  Wow!

Will the storyline (not the script) be a story entirely created by James Cameron himself, like we hypothesized HERE? We can only hope!  We can’t wait for Skydance’s announcement which we expect soon!

Thanks again to The Arnold Fans for the scoop!

We’ll be back!


10 thoughts on ““TERMINATOR 6” starts filming the beginning of 2018 per Arnold Schwarzenegger!”

  1. I look forward to the film … I am one of the most dedicated fans of the terminator saga, and also logical, of the great Arnold !!


  2. Please no more Terminator and Alien films in the future or eny future. ARNOLD,Cameron and ridley scott just go to mars and please stay there. Or just phone mr Nolan for original script.


    1. I would like at least one finale Alien prequel to wrap up that story.Then let it die.As for Terminator the only way a new sequel can work is if it takes itself in a new direction while bringing the human heart missing from the sequels after T2. Thats the only way a sequel will work.Especially if this is yet another reboot that takes place after T2.


  3. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is untrustworthy. He also gave comments about how much he loved the scripts for Last Action Hero and Terminator Genysis .


    1. Neither one of those were bad films though.Last action hero is considered one of Arnolds most underrated films.As for the new Terminator it wasnt on the level of the first two but was easily the best sequel.Its hated by hardcore fans because it was pg 13 an they dont like the fact it gets rid of the first two.But as a film its easily the most enjoyable sequel.Its a great popcorn film it simply lacks the heart of the first two an the two leads are miss cast.But Arnold is the best here since T2 an the villain is the best since T2. The story all though repeating some elements of the second with the stop Judgement day thing is still the most interesting story since the second an easily the best story since T2. The idea of going back an altering the Timeline of 1-2 is a great idea.Its not a masterpiece but its no were near bad.Just a fun popcorn movie.The only way this franchise will survive is if it changes it up an goes in a new direction.It needs a refresh.Either focus the story on totally new characters or the children of John Connor or something like that in the future thats been altered because of T2. But in order for this franchise to survive it needs to develop.


      1. Yes, neither one of these 2 films are as bad as films such as “Hudson Hawk” or “Freddy Got Fingers”, but they are far from the greatness which Schwarzenegger wanted us to believe. During his promotion tour for Terminator Genysis in 2015, Schwarzenegger actually joked about he was lucky that he was not in “Terminator Salvation” because he felt that movie was terrible. I think Terminator Genysis makes Terminator Salvation looks like Terminator 2. At least the tone for Terminator Salvation is more serious than Terminator Genysis. I just think Schwarzenegger actually doesn’t really know anything about how to make a good movie; he only can make good movies if he can work with great directors such as James Cameron, John McTiernan or Paul Verhoeven.


  4. ok, so explain why Terminator2 3D Blue Ray isn’t going to be released here in the USA? You have any idea how many Americans have 3D TV’s ?
    Not only 3D TV’s, but I use my PSVR (playstation virtual reality headset ) to watch 3D movies. I have almost 100 3D movies, now I cant get this. Yeah, it is only available in UK, but guess what? UK is Region B so wont play unless you have the expensive OPPO player, and plus it is already sold out every wheres, thank you mr Cameron for nothing


    1. Because the company which owns the video right for Terminator, “Lionsgate” is a very “cheap” company, it costs extra money to produce additional discs and Lionsgate also believes 3D TVs are really not as popular in United States as James Cameron wants us to believe.


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