You and 20 friends can win a private screening of “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D”!

This contest is just too cool not to mention! Eligible for Australia Terminator fans only (sorry rest of the world), has just announced that they are giving Terminator fans a chance to have your very own private screening of Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D! And it gets better! This private screening of T2 in 3D will not only be held in a real cinema in your capital city, but you can take 20 friends or family members along with you too!

That’s right! They will book a private theatrette screening in your nearest capital city (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth) or an actual cinema (Adelaide and Canberra) and they will let you choose your screening on Monday to Friday (theatrette) or Monday to Thursday (cinema) excluding discount days. You’ll have the chance to go along yourself and invite 20 friends (that’s 21 people total) with 3D glasses included. Transportation costs are on you.

How do you win? Well they want you to get creative. In 25 words or less: they want you to tell them how you think Skynet and Judgement Day could happen in 2017. 

So get over to gizmodo and try to win this once of a lifetime experience. And if you win, be sure to send us lots of pictures so we can share your awesome Terminator screening with the rest of the Army!

We’ll be back!


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