The TERMINATOR’s display code is finally cracked! What does it mean?

When “The Terminator” was released in movie theaters across the world in October of 1984, audiences were thrilled to be able to see through the eyes of the T-800 Model 101. And featured on the Terminator’s sinister red HUD (Heads Up Display), there was mysterious computer code that would often be sprawled against the screen. Some fans wanted to know if it was actual programming code and what did it all mean? Well the code has been cracked Terminator fans, and unfortunately it is not very glamorous.

Back in the 1980’s there was a magazine called nibble. The magazine was for Apple II Computer enthusiasts which, like many computer programming magazines at the time, included programming code for readers to copy over to their own Apple II machines. And the code seen in the Terminator’s display, was copied directly from this magazine.

We wish we could say the Apple II computer coding used on screen in The Terminator had important potential, but they were only simple and ordinary programs to expand your memory, debug your code, and even create a picture slideshow on your monitor.

Yes Terminator fans, some of the code you see on that red T-800 display is actually code used to create a slideshow of your favorite family snapshots.  It’s not quite the killer robot code you were expecting, was it?

You can watch a video from the people who cracked this code here:

We’ll be back.


3 thoughts on “The TERMINATOR’s display code is finally cracked! What does it mean?”

  1. I always wondered what it was I actually after several years after the first movie thought it was maybe a deadline code or a hitlist of some sort then Came judgment day I thought ohh it’s the code for the nuclear missles with the conversation of sky net being self aware


  2. I love this so much! I’ve heard conflicting information about the origin of the code and the platform for which it was written. It’s great to see such a detailed, definitive answer!


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