We are proud to present the new official Podcast of SKYNET’S ARMY!

In our continuing effort to grow, expand and improve the ways our wonderful community of Terminator fans can connect and celebrate all things Terminator, we at Skynet’s Army: Terminator Fans United are proud to add yet another medium to the list: Podcasting

That’s right! Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new official podcast titled… you guessed it… SKYNET’S ARMY! So if you have been searching for a strictly Terminator-only podcast covering movies, comics books, television shows, video games, collectibles, themed park attractions, anything and everything Terminator related, then search no more. This is the podcast for you!

Streamed through Anchor and hosted by our own Eddie Green, this regularly updated podcast will also accept call-ins and contributions from our Army!  

So join in the fun and check out the official podcast of SKYNET’S ARMY today!  There are three ways to listen:

Listen on the ANCHOR App! The best way to listen to the Skynet’s Army Podcast!  Interact, show praise, call in and contribute!

Listen on iTunes!

Listen on Google Play Music!

We’ll be back.


6 thoughts on “We are proud to present the new official Podcast of SKYNET’S ARMY!”

  1. Hooray! There’s been a void in Terminator related podcasts since the end of the SkyNext podcast (which followed The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Just listened to the first two episodes tonight and looking forward to more.

    I’d never heard of Anchor before. If that’s the way to call into the show I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for all you do!


  2. Thank you both for the kind words! Means a lot that you’re enjoying the podcast/show so far. Just getting started!

    Yes, to have your voice heard and call in to the show, you need the FREE Anchor app from your app store. It’s the best way to listen and be a part of the podcast!

    – Eddie, host


    1. There is not an actual telephone number. There is a “call in” button (available only when you use the Free ANCHOR App to listen to the podcast), where you can leave a recording at anytime, and it might be featured on the next episode. We hope that helps!


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