Scientists create self-healing ‘flesh’ for future TERMINATORS?

The future that James Cameron imagined in 1984’s ground-breaking film “The Terminator” took another small step to becoming a reality recently, when scientists created actual self-healing flesh for robots.

Yes, Scientists at the Brije Universiteit Brussel wanted to give ‘flesh’ covered robots the ability to recover even if they are stabbed or cut with something sharp. So they managed to develop a flesh with self-healing properties.

The index finger on this robotic hand with the self-healing flesh is stabbed with a knife.

To create this flesh, scientists used jelly-like polymers that the robot could meld back together after being wounded. The robot would do so by raising and lowering the affected area’s temperature. Heating it, than cooling it, would heal the damaged area.

A close-up of the tip of the damaged robot’s finger, which slowly heals by manipulating the temperature of the wounded area.

Professor Bram Vanderborght of BruBotics and Flanders Make said: “The outcome of the research opens up promising perspectives.

Indeed, this development will open up promising perspectives.  But as said in “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”, the question is, will it open up Pandora’s Box as well.

We’ll be back.


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