Director Alan Taylor recalls “rough” experience with TERMINATOR GENISYS.

When Terminator Genisys was theatrically released the summer of 2015, the movie received backlash from both critics and the public.  While some critics like Tom Long at the Detroit News said ‘Terminator Genisys’ was “the first fully worthy successor to Cameron’s original films” and Terminator fans polled at Skynet’s Army overwhelmingly ranked it as their third favorite Terminator film, the majority of critics and public lampooned it (and its actors), making Genisys the unofficial punching bag of 2015.

Recently, Terminator Genisys director Alan Taylor had a reunion of sorts with Sarah Connor actress Emilia Clarke, when he directed last Sunday’s episode of the popular HBO television series Game of Thrones. So it was only natural that during a promotional interview for the episode, Newsweek asked Alan Taylor to take a look back at his Terminator experience… a recollection that resurfaced all the backlash and harsh criticism Emilia Clarke especially received for her portrayal of Sarah Connor.

ALAN TAYLOR: “That was a rough one,” “…it was tough, it was tough on [Emilia Clarke] and me. I think we came away feeling a little bit burned by the process. It was hard for her in ways that I didn’t have to experience, because it was her face up on the screen and facing the [criticism] we had to face. I’m not surprised she’s more content to carry on with her other fantastic projects than re-enter that world.”

Let’s be honest. When an actress plays a part so perfectly, and owns an role the way Linda Hamilton owns the role of Sarah Connor, the odds are insurmountable against any new willing actress to try to live up to the same iconic performance. And unfortunately, Emilia Clarke learned that the hard way.

Thankfully, the experience of directing “Terminator Genisys” wasn’t all bad.

ALAN TAYLOR: “There were so many great things about it. I think she and I loved some of the same things. Arnold was a delight, in every way, to work with; the crew were a delight; being on location in New Orleans was a delight.

So what are the chances director Alan Taylor or Emilia Clarke will ever return to the Terminator franchise? After the sometimes cruel reception they both received, it’s not likely.

ALAN TAYLOR: Well, it hasn’t come up…but you won’t see either of us back in that world, I think it’s safe to say.”

We’ll be back.


8 thoughts on “Director Alan Taylor recalls “rough” experience with TERMINATOR GENISYS.”

  1. The problems of Terminator:Genisys begins with the script. I’ve never seen such a poorly constructed story. Ambiguous or non-eistent reasons for changes to timeline; plot holes so big you can’t imagine how they got missed in the scripting phase; action sequences lifted almost verbatim from previous Terminator films and TV program and other movies. Could someone please explain how Kyle and Sarah not only survived being plowed into on a freeway by a speeding car but also came away from it without a single scratch? If Skydance wanted to do a reboot of the franchise, then they should have done it clean without retreading the original James Cameron’s films. The script would have been made the better for focusing on the essentials, the heart if you will, of the Terminator story, rather than churning out a poorly constructed homage. The choice of director and actors had no impact on my criticism of T:G. Alan Taylor is fine director and Emilia Clarke is fine actress. They were both let down by a bad story.


    1. And yet cameron loved terminator genisys and so did i.
      And please dont tell me its cause he needed the money cause thats already been proven as rubbish.
      Nobody wanted explanation why in t2 arnie was reprogrammed to be the good guy cause no one cared.
      This is just another example of a good strong solid sequel being thrown on the scrapheap because so called intelligent critics dont 100% buy into the movie.
      The problem is if ya stopped being so narrow minded and watched it a few times youde see that they get about 85 to 90 percent right.
      The same thing happened with salvation.
      Some idiot made the comment it wasnt the 2029 cameron showed us and yet the director told people at the time this was the start of that future war in 2018.
      Terminator genisys was the first time we heard future john connor have a conversation with future kyle reese…
      Think about that……
      Where was terminator 2 when that conversation was had.?


  2. I have a great amount of respect for Genisys due to the equal amount of respect this movie showed to Mr. Cameron. From my perspective, where Terminator Genisys failed is the script was too smart for audiences. T3 dumbed down the franchise. Salvation suffered from a dreadful script. In Genisys where some critics saw as scientific mumbo jumbo other science geeks like myself appreciated the scientific depth in time travel theory. Sprinkle in a young audience’s unwillingness to accept an old gray man as the hero and you have a box office disappointment. This is the only film not directed by Mr. Cameron worthy of my attention.


  3. Ive followed terminator since 1984.
    The original is best.
    Terminator 2 is so overrated i simply dont have enough page to explain why.
    A sugar coated overly long exposition happy special effects dominated borefest….. Dont believe me?
    Then how come 3 sequels followed it.?
    This series should have been a 3 or 4 film arc to start with.
    As for genisys im so sad it flopped at box office.
    Loved the 1984 re entry, loved the advanced future war sequences with kyle going back and loved sarah and kyle together again.
    James please pay the same respect to genisys you paid when it came out because i wont dropping it from my catalogue.


  4. I have only watched it once. Too many things allowed to get through without being questioned by the director. For instance, why were the people in the background not interested in a fireball explosion and a burning metal man vacating a mountain lair?
    How the hell did Kyle find himself hanging by one hand from Emilia Clark when the bus hit the railings on the bridge? Does she have super strong shoulder joints and how did they get there? Smash through a window? Fly out the door?
    (Magnets and “Please stay calm” – It’s true Russ, copying previous Terminator films & TV series was done a lot.
    I admit there were some very good ideas, like expanding on the TDE and the metal rings. I liked that.
    I liked the idea of the LMT development at Cyberdyne – a shame it was not expanded on. Something for fans to think about.


    1. Kevin youre entitled to your opinion and im not dissing it but what does it say when the man who created the franchise thinks its the official 3rd movie in franchise.
      And we know from the unnofficial invovement he had in it and the producers word that he wasnt praising it for money.
      Kevin i respect youre opinion but youre points are very typical of many moviegoers and critics these days.
      You spend so much time intellectually dissecting things like how did she hang on to that or how did he manage to do that unnoticed.
      These movies are to be enjoyed for the experience.
      Suspending belief somewhat has always been a part of the experience.
      We know in terminator 1 when arnie is cleaning his eye out that its a robot at the end part and not him.
      But we dont care cause we are enjoying the ride.
      Thats whats wrong critics these days.
      Again not dissing u just a thought.


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