Is “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D” a box-office disappointment?

Some Terminator fans have expressed concern over the limited amount of promotion they have seen for the 3D theatrical re-release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D. A few avid fans in the United States have even contacted us with concerns that friends and co-workers were completely unaware that T2 was being theatrically released this weekend, until they told them so. So is it a surprise that Forbes is now reporting that T2 “bombed” in the United States?

According to Forbes, it looks like T2 in 3D may turn out to be a box-office disappointment.  Read the below headline:

And here is what Forbes had to say about T2 in 3D specifically in the U.S.:

FORBES: “Finally, for what it’s worth, Terminator 2: Judgment Day returned to theaters this weekend, via 463 3D auditoriums. The James Cameron action classic earned around $275,000 yesterday for what will likely be a $880k weekend. That’s not good, even by the standards of 1980′s and 1990′s classics doing the 3D reissue thing. Top Gun 3D (which also played in IMAX) earned $1.9 million in its opening weekend in 2013 while Raiders of the Lost Ark earned $1.6m via same in 2012. And that’s not even counting much bigger and more high-profile reissues (Titanic, The Lion King, Jurassic Park, etc.) over the last several years.”

So was the promotion of T2 in 3D not enough? Was it due to Studiocanal traditionally being accustomed to handling smaller, non-tentpole releases? Or were moviegoers just overexposed to the too-many-to-count home video releases of T2, and subsequently not willing to pay theater ticket prices to see it again? Or is this dismal analysis by Forbes off? 

Let’s see how this plays out.

We’ll be back.


4 thoughts on “Is “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D” a box-office disappointment?”

  1. In England it’s being shown on Tuesday nationwide but for just one showing (19:30).
    All the showings were booked up weeks ago.
    It would’ve made a bigger boxoffice if it shown a bit more.


  2. It was really good to see that movie at cinema. I was 14 when I saw T2 first time(in 1992) and I have watched it several dozen times since then. I love that movie and I am really thankful to opportunity to see that movie at cinema on big screen!


  3. Limited to zero resource spent on promotion. That’s it. Had been a bit more promoted and marketed with more digital and offline advertising, it would have grossed more from the starting point. Let’s see how it will end by the end of its run. Everyone expect the movie to be a huge profit when it will be released in China, where they will have to promote it. I’m a bit disappointed that this classic got almost no ads whatsoever and that it is shown in just 400+ theaters. I’m not saying “let’s spend 3billion on this”, but, man, just take care of it a bit more. Let people know is being released here and there.


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