James Cameron suggests “TERMINATOR 6” will be announced soon!

In promotion of the 3D theatrical re-release of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”, the creator of our favorite franchise had a conversation with the popular entertainment news magazine Entertainment Weekly. The subject of Terminator 6 naturally came up, and how likely was it really going to happen. (It seemed like the interviewer was skeptical about T6.)

Fortunately, James Cameron’s answer was far from skeptical, and actually very optimistic! Here is what he had to say:

JAMES CAMERON: “I would say, at this point, it’s looking very likely. We’re starting to get the pieces pulled together, and we’ll probably have something to say on that fairly soon.”

They will “have something to say on that fairly soon“? It sounds like that official Terminator 6 announcement fans have been waiting for is just around the corner!

Cameron was also asked if it was true that he is planning a trilogy of new Terminator films.

JAMES CAMERON: “I like trilogies, but I’m not going to comment on that right now.  It all depends on whether the first one makes money.”

And would Arnold Schwarzenegger be involved in T6?

JAMES CAMERON: “Well, that would be up to him.”

There you have it Terminator fans!

We’ll be back.


5 thoughts on “James Cameron suggests “TERMINATOR 6” will be announced soon!”

  1. Wow! Great news! I am huge excite about Terminator 6! Hope we wait for it and watch it as very soon. I am happy too….Arnold must be headlines in T6!!!! Thank you skynetsarmy!


  2. While I’m still uneasy about the studios trying to start yet another trilogy of films (and reportedly having Mr. Schwarzenegger pass the torch), Mr. Cameron’s comments suggest that the first film will be self-contained in case the whole trilogy plan doesn’t work out. I just hope that the ending they choose could let the series end on a high note. Say what you will about ‘Genysis,’ but the ending was great, and could have served as a very satisfying end to the Terminator saga.


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