What did the fans think of “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D”!

As the weekend draws to a close, we want to look back on this momentous re-release event of Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D not through the eyes of James Cameron, nor Arnold, Robert, Linda or Edward… but through the eyes and hearts of Terminator fans. Some saw T2 in the cinema for the first time. Some fans experienced it again. But all had an experience they will never forget.

So how did seeing T2 in 3D impact the hearts and minds of Terminator fans? Some felt it was a great thrill ride, while others felt a deeper emotional experience, one they had trouble capturing with words. Which ever the case, members of our Army were nice enough to tell us about their experiences, so we wanted to share a few:


Chris: “I was able to watch it countless times after taping it on VHS when it first premiered on TV in 1993. I later bought the movie on VHS 3 years later and on DVD several years later. It would have been an awesome experience to watch it in cinemas back in 1991. Yesterday, I was finally able to do so. Watching it in 3D was amazing, and it made a timeless classic even better.”

Steve: “Was too young to see it in 1991 I first saw it on VHS in 1992. Was an awesome experience to be able to watch it in cinema”

Mikey: “Saw it today. one word… WOW! I’m not a fan of 3D movies. But T2 3D is awesome. No blurriness, cleaned up well. It will look awesome at home in 2D or 3D in October. This is my second time seeing it in the Theaters (1st original release) Worth seeing again.” 

Alex:Just seen. It was an unforgettable impression.”

Rachel:Saw it last night; LOVED it!!! I was just a kid in 1991, and so missed the opportunity of seeing it on the big screen. This was spectacular!!!! Believe me, it’s well worth the price and travel time <3″

James:It was “funtustic” to see it at the same cinema I saw it as a kid 26 years ago. While wearing a genuine T2 crew jacket I recently acquired too!”

Noud: It was totally amazing! Best movie ever!”

Rory: Here is my review! Two thumbs up! The film looked gorgeous! The 3D was amazing! The future war just popped! The 3D added a new element that improved an already perfect movie! I know we have all seen the movie 100 times but this is worth the price of admission. Go see it if you can!”

Liggy: “Looked great! and they actually added CGI to Arnold’s face during those stunt double scenes on the bike. Either way, it was T2 looking sexy”

Richard:We went to the first session in my town. It was epic beyond words and I shed a bit of a tear finally getting to see it on the big screen!”

Mehmet: “I went 25 years back and saw T2 for the first time again…”

Bryan: “Best 3D ive seen. Flawless perfect. Bravo James

Steve: This is hard to describe. When the movie started it was an emotional moment for me. I am 45 years old now but when the movie started I was a teenager again. I felt that touch of innocence return and just for a moment it felt I travelled back in time to 1991. Nothing has ever made me feel this way and nothing will probably do so again. Thank you T2. So much.”


Regardless if your comments were featured in this article or not, we would like to thank all the Terminator fans in our Army that shared their thoughts and feelings about T2 in 3D.

We’ll be back.


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