Robert Patrick once resented playing the T-1000 in “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY”.

The word resent is an impactful word, which means to feel bitterness or indignation at.  So would it surprise you that actor Robert Patrick felt resentment towards his 1991 iconic role as the deadly T-1000 in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”? Most struggling actors would consider playing the liquid metal assassin a role of a lifetime, so how could Robert have come to feel this way?

Apparently once T2 became a worldwide sensation, actor Robert Patrick received a great deal of public attention (and not all of it was positive.) When speaking with the the guardian, the liquid metal actor elaborated on it, revealing how some people even acted nervously around him:

ROBERT PATRICK: “That was fascinating to me, being a total unknown guy, and all of a sudden having people freaking out in the streets, people telling me “I don’t like knives and I don’t like scissors and your run scares the shit out of me, you terrified me as child, blah blah blah”. One of the first times I became aware my life had changed was when I was in Chicago doing a screen test for a movie with Robert De Niro that I didn’t get. And T2 had just come out and I was walking the streets of Chicago and people were just freaking out. Businessmen! And I’m like, “Shit, it’s just me.” But that’s the power of that role.”

When asked if Robert Patrick was ever tempted to run after any of these nervous people like the T-1000, just to freak them out, Robert said no, but then revealed he resented being the T-1000 once upon a time:

ROBERT PATRICK: “… I’ve resented the role (of the T-1000) to a certain degree sometimes. I’ve gotten pissed at people about it. If I felt as if they were mocking me I would get a little annoyed. But over the years, and the older I’ve get, the more I’ve loosened up. I’m able to take the piss out of myself.”

We are glad Robert fully embraces the T-1000 now.

We’ll be back.


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