Part Two: What did the fans think of “TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D”!

While Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D premiered several days ago this past weekend for much of the world, the loyal Terminator fans in the United Kingdom had to wait until today, August 29th, Judgment Day, to experience the theatrical re-release of this classic science fiction film! So what did those patient fans (and others) think about T2 in 3D?  Let’s find out!


Ben: “Epic beyond words, loved it. Beautifully remastered, like seeing your loved one with fresh new vision and falling in Love all over again….”

Florian:I just saw it in Hanover, Germany. It was a thrill and sooooo awesome!! Love this whole saga and always will!!!! ‘There is no fate but what we make for ourselves'”

Dan: “We only got one showing and it was well worth it! (Just got back now). Beautifully remastered and the 3D was amazing. It was like watching it for the first time again and now I have a new deeper respect for this great piece of film making”

Sean: “Was 6 when the movie was first out so it was incredible finally seeing it on the big screen. Wasn’t too fussed about the 3D.”

Matt: “Looked stunning, and made me notice things I never had before. Even parts of the score sounded new and fresh. Just beautiful.”

Andy: “Loved it,  brilliant to finally see it on the big screen .”

Andrew: “Very good indeed. Seeing it in 3D has definitely given this great film a new lease of life.”

Dars: “Enjoyed it in Dublin, Ireland. I would have loved the directors cut though. So much that was left out of the original release really makes the movie for me. Still it was cool in 3D.”

Abe: “Just got back from T2. Loved it. Action fantastic,  I think I appreciated the emotion now more that when I was fourteen. Magic .”

AC: “I saw it tonight as well the best 3d imo was the future war , looked like the soldiers jumped into the screen from the front row of seats , the fire and flames in the future war you can see they worked on the colours it was much more orange and stood out alot more then the original 2d film . 3d was very nice to watch . Best thing i enjoyed the most was the sound effects during the action scenes , they really amped it up like 10x more and the volume was crazy loud in that room . saw many people jump up slightly during explosions and Gunshots , i wanna go again there is another 3 showings 5th 7th and 18th sept . and some of the music was even louder like when the T1000 is after them in the liquid nitro truck made it much more hype”

Scott: “Just been to see it tonight, was amazing.”

Emil: “The Best film ever! I had the best movie going experience seeing it in the theater! It wasn’t just going to the movies for me, it was an event! It was amazing to finally see my favorite film Terminator 2 Judgment Day in the theater and in a new 3D presentation! It was awesome!”


We would like to thank all the Terminator fans in our Army that have shared their thoughts and feelings about T2 in 3D.

We’ll be back.


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