T2 in 3D dominates the U.K. Box Office on JUDGMENT DAY!

Well in some countries the T-800 Model 101 still has it!  While the remastered 3D conversion on Terminator 2: Judgment Day faltered in the United States, T2 in 3D’s one day showing on August 29th (Judgment Day) in the United Kingdom blew away the August competition to take the #1 box-office spot for one day!

Opening on 442 screens, many unlucky fans who unfortunately did not pre-order their tickets early enough were turned away in various locations with sold out signs like these:

For the Terminator fans who indeed got in, you helped contribute to a final box office total of £448,162 (with a per screen average of £1,012), which was 17% of yesterday’s UK box office gross.

The top five sites were:

  1. IMAX Southbank – £11,929
  2. Cineworld Sheffield – £6,464
  3. Cineworld Edinburgh – £4,604
  4. Odeon Metrocentre Gateshead – £4,407
  5. Showcase Leeds – £4,233.

The one day box-office gross of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY 3D actually beat other classic re-released films including “Jurassic Park 3D”!  In fact, it did so well, T2 in 3D will continue to play on the big screen in UK cinemas this weekend, with an additional 160 sites booked for encore shows!

Studiocanal had this to say about their successful day: “We are incredibly pleased with the UK box office result of the event release of TERMINATOR 2 in 3D. We have been working with James Cameron for a long time on creating this version of the film, 25 years after its release, and to give fans the opportunity to see the film again as it was originally intended, on the big screen. We look forward to continuing to screen the film this weekend to enthusiastic fans across the nation.”

Great job UK fans!

We’ll be back!

(Thanks to Christopher and Chris for the photos.)


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