New Collectibles: TERMINATOR Rings, Figurines and Cars, Oh My!

There are more Terminator collectibles on the horizon fans! And if the sound of Terminator themed rings, figurines or die-cast cars makes the collector in you excited, then this is the news article for you!


Cast in Galaxium, a virtually indestructible alloy which is stainless and hypoallergenic.

  • Limited to 500
  • Gold 18 carats on the jaw.
  • Rubies inlayed in the eyes.
  • White ceramic on the teeth.
  • Each ring is numbered.

Click HERE for ordering information:


Made up of two artifacts: the pedestal/neck and the top of the Endoskull’s head.

These are cast in Galaxium alloy and can be assembled together with the ring to become this collector statuette!

  • Limited to 100
  • Each figurine is numbered

Click HERE for ordering information!

And watch this great video detailing how they are made!


“THE TERMINATOR” Die-Cast Cars & Figures

GreenLight has a few items in the works, for a new product line based on “The Terminator” including:

  • The Terminator – 1977 Dodge Monaco Police
  • The Terminator – 1977 1:18 Dodge Monaco Metropolitan Police with 1:18 T-800 Endoskeleton Figure

Yes, GreenLight will not only bring the vehicles from the movie to its die-cast collection, but they will also be adding small figures of the T-800 Endoskeleton and even Sarah Connor to the mix!

Ordering info will be announced!

We’ll be back!


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