TERMINATOR TRIVIA Volume 13: Cool Facts you may not know about the Terminator Franchise!

Did you happen to miss some or all of our latest TERMINATOR TRIVIA postings on our social media pages? Well don’t fret, we’ve collected all of these tasty Terminator tidbits into a single volume that you can read here! And who knows, even the most die-hard Terminator Fans might just learn something new about the franchise we all hold near and dear to our hearts!


Did you know that in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, every time you saw the Nanotechnological Transjector weaponry extend from the TX’s fingertip (used to control other machines), what you were actually seeing was a prosthetic arm & finger?

The ability to drill into the casing of any electronic system, and deliver a stream of microscopically tiny robots (nanobots) to take control of that system, was one of the most interesting aspects of the T-X. How to realize this fantastic ability on screen was charged to the effects gurus at Stan Winston studios.

Stan’s team created a prosthetic replica of actress Kristanna Loken’s arm made out of silocone, built with a metal skeletal arm inside. Cables ran from the back of the arm allowing one of the effects workers to not only simulate lifelike movement in the hand and wrist, but to operate a motor within her index finger to activate her blue LED nanobot ejector.

It all resulted in a very cool effect!


Did you the power requirements to operate the “.45 Longslide with laser sighting” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger used in 1984’s The Terminator, required a hidden battery in his jacket?

The actual gun the Terminator acquired in the gun store was an ‘AMT Hardballer .45 Longslide’, with a primitive laserlock sight custom made for the film. Two guns were acquired for filming: one gun that was completely made non-functional, and another that had a working laser and actually fired bullets!

In the early 1980’s, laser sights were rare and troublesome because they required a high level of power to operate. The helium neon laser used in “The Terminator” required 10,000 volts to switch on, and a further 1,000 volts to maintain its brightness.

So the laserlock builder ingeniously ran cables from the back of the gun, up Arnold Schwarzenegger’s right sleeve, all the way to a battery located in a pocket on the left side of Arnold’s field jacket. Then, to activate the laser, all Arnold had to do was reach into his pocket with his left hand, and flip a switch.


Did you know Arnold Schwarzenegger stunt double Peter Kent had a M&M Candies incident on set while filming Terminator 2, that enraged director James Cameron?

The steel mill scenes filmed for T2 were reportedly grueling shots that took many long hours and was physically demanding to complete. One of the compensations the crew had access to… was a large tub of M&M candies, to help curb hunger, provide a sugar rush and/or appease any sweet tooth demanding to be satisfied.

One of the people who took advantage of the M&Ms was Arnold’s stunt double Peter Kent. However, one day it got him into trouble when it was time to film the scene where the T-1000 grabs the T-800 and whips him around and throws him into the wall. Peter Kent told INews “I filled my pockets with these, and as he swung me in the shot I forgot to zip up my pockets. A huge shower of coloured M&Ms flew through the frame. “Jim Cameron yelled ‘Cut! Peter, what the fuck?!”

Apparently Terminators can have a sweet tooth too! Afterwards they reshot the scene, this time without the candy.


We’ll be back… with Volume Fourteen!

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